Victim? No thank you!

Life is a beach and then you fry …
Life always knows best, doesn’t it? How many times have you found yourself totally caught out when you thought you had it all planned and sorted out?
Or worked for years towards a goal that you thought it would make a huge change in your life just to find out years later that actually you didn’t want it any more or circumstances changed so much that it didn’t make any sense to pursue it any longer?

What is your rainbow?

Life has a real funny way to teach us lessons, they come in the most various and unpredictable ways and most of the time it takes me a while to realise what they are. When I do though, I always feel humbled and stupid for not having recognised them earlier! I always promise to myself that next time I will be more aware and cunning, but I doubt whether I will ever be there …. Life knows best!