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Empower yourself
by understanding your own female cycle

I educate women about their female cycle and help them find their period power, their cycle wisdom and make their feminine cycle their best friend!

By combining the power of our mind and the wisdom of our body we can live a harmonious life as women.


Have Gabriella to talk about the feminine consciousness if you want to start a journey of self-discovery: be a woman who wants to finally accept her femininity, feel great about it, transform herself and fly like a butterfly!

Would you like to transform your monthly cycle experience in an opportunity to discover yourself?  Discover your inner beauty and wisdom by understanding the creative process taking place in your female body?

Join Gabriella and a small group of women if you want to nurture, support and discover more about yourself by sharing your own experience  and wisdom with other sisters every month on the new Moon in an intimate and private space.

“I have learnt so much about myself! The content is so great, an area I had not stopped to think about. By following my cycle I am going to be in my flow and be more productive. It is so obvious when you take the time to learn how to use your inner cycle to achieve success and abundance, thank you Gabriella!”

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The fifty shades of grey of lockdown

Never I thought that one day I would experience a pandemic, even less a fake one!
Life is unpredictable and it certainly is right now while I am writing in spring 2020.
It has been just over two months since the so called ‘lockdown’ has started in UK and I have been experiencing all sorts of inner states while coping with this strange situation.

Victim? No thank you!

Life is a beach and then you fry …
Life always knows best, doesn’t it? How many times have you found yourself totally caught out when you thought you had it all planned and sorted out?
Or worked for years towards a goal that you thought it would make a huge change in your life just to find out years later that actually you didn’t want it any more or circumstances changed so much that it didn’t make any sense to pursue it any longer?

Time for wholeness

I have written more than once in the recent years about my life experiences that are changing me as a woman but recently, thanks to what is happening in my inner world, I have been feeling more stretched than ever.
I have been making notes of what I am going through to be able to sit down and eventually write about this with the purpose to record this first and foremost for myself, …