Gabriella in the Press

On this page you can find the magazines where Gabriella appeared or where she wrote articles about womanhood, the female cycle, the feminine energy and consciousness or about her book ‘Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning’ and her journey to Antarctica in 2008.

Daily Mail
May 2008

'Can you survive the 7th year itch?'

Natural Health
October 2011

'Go with the Flow'

Soul & Spirit,
October 2011

'Clear out the clutter!'

Inspirational Woman Magazine, January 2012

'Bliss and your menstrual cycle'

Migrant Woman,
October 2014

'A Woman of the XXI Century'

Roar Magazine
January 2018

'Women are dangerous'

CEO Create Evolve Overcome
December 2018

'I am enough, even when I am wobbly'

'Finding your inspiration in your menstrual cycle', 2012

'Gabriella aims to be a Flying Inspiration', 2012

'Antarctica a world apart', 2013
'How to help your female staff and make your business flourish', 2013

'Womb awareness for women of the 21st century', 2013

'My brand new start', 2014

Website presence

These are some websites where Gabriella's articles appeared.