Coaching is for you if

  •  you are focused on the present
  •  you have goals to achieve
  •  you want to take action
  •  you want to be guided in your process of self-discovery

Coaching only looks into the past to understand your present, is client centred, you make the decisions necessary to reach your goals.  It is a collaboration between the coach and yourself, it is a team work that can help you reach what you want in your personal and relationship life.

Is your feminine cycle a drag? Do you call it ‘the curse’?

Would you like to transform your monthly experience in an opportunity to discover yourself? Would you like to feel empowered rather than uncomfortable or in pain? Would you like to live your life as a pioneer? Would you like to discover:
  • your inner power that helps you feel naturally beautiful and sexy
  • your time of heightened intuition
  • your secret opening to your divine Self
  • the quintessential moment for getting clear direction about your life path
  • the time of natural motivation and ability to network
Deepening your knowledge of your feminine cycle will open inner doors to deeper creative powers and feelings of pleasure and wellbeing! Once you unlock this power you will have it for life and it costs nothing! Why be in a ‘bloody mess’ when you could have a really empowering experience? If your answer to all of the above questions is yes and you would like to find out more about your female cycle, send me a message or call me immediately to

book a session with me.

A personal session will allow you to feel safe and relaxed to discuss your personal experience and give you the opportunity to go deep into any issue that you might want to resolve!

To enjoy your female cycle is possible and blissful!

Location: Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
(30′ train journey from Euston Station in London) or over the phone or skype
Duration: every personal session varies according to the client’s needs.

Call me for details!

What women say:

“Gabriella, in my experience, is a wonderful soul who is delivering important and critical work to get women re-connected with their internal wisdom and the body they inhabit as women. Spiritually framing this within the macrocosm of society, Mother Nature, and the Universe, has been gold.

I am very grateful, and hope that Gabriella carries on with this path, growing from strength to strength for the highest good of our Planet in these times.   What has changed in my cycle is that I am much more in tune with how I am during the sections of my cycle and how it changes my moods, my clarity and how I eat!  I have also been completely regular to the day, I used to be 3 or 4 days late every month, but it seems to be bang on since we met!

The charts and templates were really conducive to keeping the coaching session alive and breathing. I am able to reflect back and see the distinct seasons and it’s helping me with learning about my fertility, therefore I am much closer to my body in general. Thanks for creating those templates!”     Samina Ali, Dance Movement Psychotherapist, UK

“Thank you for such a lovely session and such food for thought! I am currently going through a very strong and powerful autumn where I actually don’t resist the energy and allow it to be, it feels very different!    My partner even got on board!   Just wanted to say thank you again for our lovely session, it really has helped me to concentrate on and tune into the season of my cycle.”           Vela Robinson, Mother and Student, UK

“I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the many hours of work imparting your wonderful knowledge to me, I am still taking it all in and I am filled with amazement that this information is not common knowledge, I will do all I can to get it out there!   Your grateful friend Theresa aka Miss Motivator”    Theresa Douglas, Radio producer, UK

“The following day, after my personal session, I was so confident with my own vulnerability that I performed really well at a meeting with my college registrar, which is likely to result in a policy review at National level for students on these courses who are on Disability Allowance!  Thanks Gabriella”      Rachel Burke, Data Analyst student, Ireland

“My menstrual cycle used to be quite chaotic, I had an enthusiastic phase and then a down phase not knowing what was going on within myself, now I know how to manage it, I have practical tools and know how to take care of myself. Every woman should have this knowledge!    Thanks Gabriella for it!”      Christiane Pedros, Photographer UK

“I have learnt so much about myself! The content is so great, an area I had not stopped to think about.   By following my cycle I am going to be in my flow and be more productive. It is so obvious when you take the time to learn how to use your inner cycle to achieve success and abundance, thank you Gabriella!”        Georgina Druce, Dreamwork UK

Personal Session with your partner

Is your personal relationship at a standstill?

Would you like to improve the intimacy with your partner?

Is your feminine cycle an obstacle to your intimate relationship and a source of pain?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then send me a message straight away and book a session with me and your partner and take your intimate relationship to a whole new level!

Do you know that being in contact with your feminine cycle will allow you to feel sexier?
When you discover how your feminine cycle can lead you to bliss and fulfilment, you will feel more empowered and happier!
If your partner knows how your body works and what its signals are, he will feel more relaxed and loving in your presence and will be encouraged to listen to you and pay more attention to you in a whole new way!

It is never too late to discover real intimacy and build a soul connection.

Take action today and stop ignoring your body calling for love and attention, you are designed for bliss, not pain!!

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