Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the workshop?
The workshop lasts a whole day and takes the participant through the different levels of the feminine cycle: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.
Periods of teaching are alternated with sharing of the participants, visualisations, meditations, dance, questions and answers.

What shall I wear for the workshop?
Wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move freely and will keep you warm, wearing several layers would be ideal so that you can add or streap if you need to.

Do I have to share my personal history with the group?
During the workshop there are some sharing moments when women tell the other participants their own experiences, if they feel like it, but nobody is obliged to share anything against their will. Part of the wealth and richness of the workshop is made by women’s contributions, as we all share the ‘Knowledge’ having our menstrual cycle every month.

What if I have my cycle during the workshop?
There is no problem if you are menstruating and want to come to the workshop, it might actually enhance your experience during it. Some women start having their menstrual cycle during or after the workshop, as their awareness expands so much as a result of being there.

Can I take my daughter with me?
Yes, you can take your daughter with you, if you think she is ready to learn more about her body and expand her awareness as a woman; you might decide to come yourself first to it and then come back with her at the next workshop, so you can prepare her in advance, as a parent you are ultimately responsible for her education.

Can I come back to the workshop?
All participants can come back to the workshop for free to refresh their knowledge and take a friend with them with a discount.

What if I have a question after the workshop?
If you have questions that might rise after the workshop you can either call me or email me your questions and I will answer them.
All participants can have a follow up personal session with me for a very discounted rate after the workshop so that they can start their own journey of self-discovery using their female cycle.

Can I have a workshop at my own place with my group of friends?
If you have a group of women who are interested in attending ‘Flying Solo I Fly with the Feminine’ and would like to have it privately held at your own home, contact me and let me know where and when you would like to hold it and I will do my best to come and do it at your location.

What women say:

“Flying Solo I has been superb, it has enabled me to find out how to be myself with my menstrual cycle, it has enhanced my perception on how to deal with my emotions every day, it has dug deep down and I have come out of it refreshed, thanks Gabriella!” Lubna Hamid, Systems and Network Engineer UK

“Attending the Flying Solo I workshop gave me insights into the powers and energies of my menstrual cycle that were completely unknown to me! This is such valuable knowledge that I feel every woman should give herself the gift of learning this! I now feel that I have a greater insight into the different phases of my cycle and how to use the energy of each in an empowering way.” Nette Hargreaves, Student & Author UK


Benefits of attending ‘Flying Solo I Fly with the Feminine’ workshop

These are some of the problems that can improve after your attendance:

  • cravings
  • mood swings
  • weight loss/gain
  • low self-esteem
  • lack of libido/energy
  • lack of direction
  • relationship issues

As women we keep part of our body wisdom in our womb, getting in touch with our feminine cycle can expand our body and mental awareness which can result in healing emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual issues.

Sometimes our body tries to get in contact with us through cravings, pain, illness, lack of energy or clarity, mood swings and creating mental and emotional states that can be very challenging to say the least.

When we restore our connection with ourselves, being our body, our heart, our soul and psyche, a whole string of emotions, problems, physical states can show up as a result of our renewed attention for ourselves.
Understanding and honouring our female cycle is fundamental to our well-being as women and for our personal growth as human beings.

To learn to recognise our shadows as part of ourselves is an integral part of our personal growth, accepting our mood swings, finding the root cause of our emotions, embracing our sexuality, understanding our natural rhythms, connect with our inner wisdom and spiritual guidance will allow us to love ourselves more for who we are and as a result of that we will be able to have more satisfying and fulfilling intimate relationships with a partner or any person we will relate to in our life.

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