Moments of wisdom on my birthday

Holiday plan disruption This year I haven’t had a proper holiday so I was hoping to have at least a break for my birthday at the beginning of October before the weather starts being too winterish. I was longing to have a … Read more

The freedom of presence: a way to get rid of the chaos and install order in your life

Since I was a child I always noticed and admired people that could command a sense of calm and peace and by doing that they were authoritative without having to speak. I always wanted to gain that capacity because to me that … Read more

Can you turn yourself on? Can you inspire yourself?

I am redoing my website at the moment therefore it is reviewing time for me. Lots of questions come up and the only way to find answers is to look inside and see what surfaces … Sometimes no answer comes up or … Read more

Motherhood: mother wound or mother prime?

As this month invited us to celebrate mothers I took this opportunity to do a bit of soul searching and thinking about the influence of my mother in my life and the many stereotypes of motherhood. In our Western society these occasions … Read more

I am enough even when I am wobbly

I remember how many times I felt inadequate when I was young: at school, with friends, at university, when I was studying as an interpreter, when I started working, etc. At the time what would trigger my feeling of not being enough … Read more

When the gap is too big …

Life recently has put me in a situation where I had the opportunity to really understand and feel how much gap sometimes there can be between me and another person. Either is with a friend, a family member, a colleague or simply … Read more

Like a drop in the ocean

During my life I went through moments of great individualisation and great melt down; the moments of individualisation were all those ones when myself as an individual achieved great things that were peculiar to my life, experience, vision and interests. The moments … Read more

Ends and beginnings

Every year I experience a little death during the festive season of December. Either I am at home in UK or anywhere else in the world, I tend to feel similar feelings and have similar thoughts. I would personally rather avoid them, … Read more

Is it all over?

We are in Autumn at present and I have been noticing myself going into this autumnal withdrawing feminine energy more and more lately. Recently several thoughts came to the forefront of my awareness that kept me pondering about life and life cycles. … Read more

Topsyturvy living

This year for me has been very topsyturvy. What I mean with this is that I have been living in a dimension where everything is amplified, my emotional and psychological life has become very unstable, possibly as unstable as I was during … Read more