Are we ready for change?

Since I was a little girl I have always been proud to be a female and this feeling just increased as I grew older. I was born in the late 60’s so I have already witnessed several changes in society, even if they have been slower than I was thinking they would be. Since we entered the 21st century though it seems that something must have sped up the process a bit, especially in this last decade. The #metoo campaign is just an example of what is slowly happening on the Planet thanks to the Goddess or whoever higher entity is helping us to evolve along the way …
Albeit more women are taking seats in parliaments of different countries and some have even been appointed either prime ministers or presidents, the majority of places of power are still held by men following the old way of conducting business.

Women taking the lead

Every time I read something regarding women advancing in their status, either politically, socially or financially, I always rejoice in my heart. It is not a question of defeating men, prevailing or controlling the other sex, as it happened with the coming into power of the patriarchal system a few thousands of years ago, but just to reinstate balance so that we can survive and hopefully thrive as a species.

To me living in the feminine way means to give voice to both genders and anything in between, by this I mean that any person and creature should be appreciated and respected. I think women are naturally endowed for nurturing and protecting, therefore with more women in power maybe the Planet might stand a better chance to keep nurturing us all as it happened so far. By the way, mother Earth will survive for sure, whether we will do too as a species, that is debatable …
I am sure that you might have come across this subject many times on many different platforms and media, but what I am really concerned about and want to talk about is to share something of meaning that might open people up to a new way of seeing things and a new way of living.
I think we are at a point in time when it is important to share what we feel strongly about, it is not time to be shy any more, it is time to act!
As a woman I feel strongly wounded whenever I see another woman being mistreated or silenced, unfortunately there are still plenty of examples of this filling the headlines of newspapers every day.
My question though is: ‘Are we ready for change?’
I am not sure we are …

My conviction

I think that as women we can change things simply by being ourselves every day and by keeping our guard high which means letting our voice be heard whenever we see something infringing our ethos and values. It doesn’t have to be something massive, it can be anything that we see that we don’t agree with, but by noticing it we exercise our awareness muscle and stay alert to what is going on around us, this in itself has a major influence on an energetic level and affects the energy field which will impact everybody. It might seem a bit ‘out there’ or ‘woo woo’ but in fact it is not. If collectively all women did this on a regular basis things would shift much quicker than they are doing now. I firmly believe that we can affect anybody that comes into our vicinity or sphere of influence by simply being who we are, nothing more or less than this, simple! The fact of being alert and conscious all the time, or at least in our awaken hours, requires a lot of energy and presence and you can understand what I mean only if you have been meditating or been in contact with people who are much more spiritually ‘advanced’ than you to know what I mean. It is something so tangible and strong that can’t go unrecognised, but it can only happen if you are alert or ‘awake’ too. I am very aware that this might seem too ‘airy fairy’, but I don’t think it is and I believe that this is the only way to contribute to the process of mass awakening that is happening on the Planet. To be able to become a so called ‘peaceful warrior’ of the peaceful revolution of consciousness one has to start playing what I call ‘the freedom game’. What the hell is this?


The freedom game

Well, it is an inner game that we can all play as much or as little as we want and we are free to choose, nobody is compelling us to do anything and nothing major will happen until the majority of us might decide to take part in this. The first thing to do is to be aware that as a sentient being we are powerful beyond belief and the effect that we can have on the whole is only down to us to decide. This also means that we have to stop to feel or behave as a victim and deeply decide that we can change whatever we want or need in our life: deciding this on a deep psychologically and emotional level is the ‘conditio sine qua non’ to fully open the gate to our power. It is a deep conviction that we can feel inside, a point of no return, a feeling of enough is enough that changes us for ever. If one has been behaving as a victim either consciously or unconsciously might be difficult to eliminate quickly this pattern of behaviour, but becoming aware that we are powerful can start opening up our consciousness and have an impact on the collective. By allowing this thought to pervade us at all levels, psychologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually without opposing it as something crazy is the first step to freedom. Do you really want to be free? Or are you happy to just trotting along and keep the status quo in place? The prize at stake is humongous and worth at least a five minutes’ reflection …

My experience

I personally have decided to play ‘the freedom game’ a while ago and do my best to stay alert as much as I can and observe quite tightly what is going on in my mind/heart on a daily basis. To decide to live a life of freedom is really tough and the implications are countless, it is more demanding than you might think. First thing first though, how would you like to be and behave as a woman of the ‘new era’? We have been conditioned for so many millennia to be passive and conform that it is difficult even to conceive that there is another way and we can choose which way we want to be! We don’t have to be ‘good girls’ any more and we can rattle the cage of the status quo as much as we want. When we start expanding our consciousness slowly slowly we realise that there is no limit, this game is in fact not a game, but it is our reality: the reality that we can choose to create together with our sisters. How do you want to be as a woman? 
How do you want to be considered/treated/perceived?   
Anything that you do, think, wear, say and feel will have an impact on other people. It is never a simple conversation, we can express ourselves in every breath we take, in every word we say, in every thought we think and every emotion we feel in every moment of our life: it is a lot! There are many, many aspects of this and I can’t explore them all here, but let’s start with one of them, maybe the most obvious.

Women as sexual objects

Women have been treated as sexual objects by men in all societies to a bigger or lesser extent, wouldn’t it be time to stop this once and for all? The first thing to do as women to reverse this trend is to become super aware of our sexual power and influence and start using it consciously. I remember being young and completely driven by this force and being barely aware of it. With time and by  becoming older I have become more and more aware of this sexual game, but why wasn’t I as aware when I was younger? I was never taught anything in this respect. Well, there is a reason why women have been kept in ignorance: men didn’t have any interest in dealing with aware women, it is so much easier to deal with powerless women, they are much more manageable and controllable! A woman who is conscious of her sexual energy and controls it at her will won’t give in to anything in the world, as simple as that! My question to all women out there is: do we want to keep going down this path? Or do we want to take our power back and use it to create a peaceful and more just world where everybody is respected? Aren’t we fed up to be treated as sexual objects? I certainly am and won’t stop waking as many women as I possibly can!

The night of the Oscars

One event where it is easy to check where we are at with this is watching the night of the Oscars. I am aware that this might be representative of the Western world only, but unfortunately or fortunately the Western world has still such a strong influence on the rest of the world that I think I can say it is a good window to check how we are doing on a bigger scale. Well, this year like all the previous ones have shown a plethora of examples of how women are perceived/considered opposed to men. Men actors, directors or any other male professional in the film industry tend to be considered and rewarded for their skills and intellectual power, whereas women tend to be considered still to these days mainly for their appearance. Why men wear suits and women tend to wear dresses that show more than they cover? Why when actresses dare to walk on the red carpet without make-up tend to be criticised wildly as if they had committed a crime? Why do we still feel compelled to look in a certain way rather than just as we want to be? How many of those women who work in the film industry really want to go around half naked or they do it because they feel obliged to do it to attract more work? Wouldn’t it be time to change all of this? As a matter of fact this doesn’t happen only in the film industry, but in most of all other industries but it is simply better disguised, rather than being so much in our face! My dear sisters is time to wake up and change this sexist way of doing business, it is time to take back our power and use our powerful sexual energy to our advantage and for good purposes rather than just to foster our working careers! Am I alone in thinking and feeling in this way? When I just browse quickly the media every February to find out which films have been selected and won an Oscar my heart bleeds: why are we still showcasing and using our beautiful female bodies to be noticed and please men rather than ourselves?

I am not saying this lightly and because I am a prude or bigot, I was born a free spirit and will die as such: a free bird.
Together we can change the status quo with just a little bit more of awareness every day, a little change goes a long way …
Happy flying high to all my powerful and awaken sisters around the world!
Either you share the same feeling or not, I would like to read from you, please make your voice heard as it is important.
May grace and power be our companion along our journey and may we all, men and women together, create a new way of living for us and future generations.
Love and hugs from The Flying Witch


4 thoughts on “Are we ready for change?”

  1. Much food for thought here!
    I, like you, believe that being ‘awake or aware’ in the moment is an important step into a greater freedom. This freedom, for me, means many things. It is the ability to ‘speak my truth’ or choose silence, also a most powerful tool.
    I enjoy practicing mindfulness and often reflect on the mountain posture, my roots anchored into Mother Earth my mind lofty and reaching into the clouds of endless possibilities.
    I believe my continuing practice of mindfulness has enabled me to use ‘the pause’ to great effect in my spiritual journey. I find myself reflecting on situations more and more as if I’m observing how I will choose to react, from afar.
    Reading your article it becomes apparent, that for me, the most important thing is choice for there in lies true freedom.
    I must admit the predicament with regard to the sexualisation and objectification of women and the way they are portrayed (or choose to be portrayed?) often arises. In many situations, media mostly, I find myself thinking more about the clothes women are wearing than the content of the story or article – why is this? I often ask myself!
    My choice of words often more considered – feisty and bossy, always used in connection with females- why?
    This leads me to believe that we are indeed on the right path. The more we are collectively aware of the subliminal messages, images and discussions around and about women, the more powerful women become.

  2. Thanks Christina for sharing your thoughts with me!
    I agree with you that choice is what gives us freedom, awareness and choice make us powerful and potent.
    The media always link women with clothes, as if only what appears on the outside is relevant and important, that’s why I think that a step forward on our freedom journey should be being more aware of the unconscious messages that we constantly send out with our clothes …
    Do we really want to be naked most of the time?
    Or maybe it is time to really think and revise the way we propose ourselves to the world, is it the way we want to be perceived?
    As the clothes so the words we use are powerful and we should be more aware of them, it is definitely time to speak up our truth, whatever that might be …
    Come on sisters let’s change things to be more women friendly and human kind!
    Thank you so much Christina for your comment!
    Love and hugs from The Flying Witch

  3. Thank you for sharing, you have raised some really good points in it. I am also a big believer in embracing it ALL with our awareness and creating a massive shift through our inner work. If I may add one thing on this, I also feel it is about knowing when, how and to what purpose to take aligned action in the face of injustice or abuse and draw a clear line as in “Thou shall not pass, not in my presence and not in my name”. The metoo campaign has given us all so much food for thought around toxic masculinity, objectification of the feminine sexuality as you also explore in your blog, and for me, there is also a lot to be said about all the silent witnesses and observers who ended up condoning or consenting to the wrong-doing unintentionally with their silence. This is something that I have also come across in all the scandals exposed within spiritual communities where in the name of peace and unity and expanded awareness, the wrongdoings would go on and on without anyone speaking up.

    • Thanks so much Maria for sharing your thoughts with me!
      I so appreciate it.
      It is indeed shocking that the metoo campaign applies even in the personal development world, it is an all round global issue, therefore we must take action globally and collectively, even if it didn’t happen to us specifically. Whatever happens to a sister of mine, it is as if it happened to me, this has always been my philosophy of life, now more than ever before, I have to say.
      Together we can change the world and leave a better legacy to our future generations!
      Love and hugs to all my sisters from The Flying Witch


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