Like a drop in the ocean

During my life I went through moments of great individualisation and great melt down; the moments of individualisation were all those ones when myself as an individual achieved great things that were peculiar to my life, experience, vision and interests.
The moments of melt down were all those times when my being was crashed and nullified by events or life experiences that took me through a process of dissolution and acceptance.
Life on Earth

In this dimension we can’t but have that all the time and, if anybody thinks that the alternation of positive and negative won’t happen to him/her, well it would be delusion, pure and simple.
It’s part of the package we get when we are born and these are the terms and conditions for living on planet Earth: as the little writing says on any label or contract “Terms & Conditions apply”.
I did have a go at trying to escape this small writing, but failed tremendously well over and over again.
Every time I am on the up ride, it feels wonderful and all the memories of the down times are gone with the wind.
When I am on the down ride though, all the memories of my successes are gone as well and I only feel the huge struggle in trying to remember how I managed to go through it last time I was in a similar situation …
Life and the female cycle

It’s like the female cycle of a woman: when the ‘inner Spring and Summer’ come she feels super powerful and happy and when she goes through the more challenging and quieter times of her ‘inner Autumn and Winter’ she is tested and has to go through revision, revision, revision.
Not an easy ride indeed, but who said that it should be?
I remember being a little girl and hearing comments about life by older people and especially women and wondering what all that was about …
Well, after more than half a century of journeying on this Planet, I can now relate to some of those comments and, even if at times they might have been a bit extreme, the substance of them wasn’t that far from the truth!
So where does all this take me?

Well, what is happening to me that is changing more and more the way I see things in my life is the knowing that the repetition of these ups and downs makes me better, more alert and wiser in my daily life and, if I want, I can actually choose equanimity and compassion whatever happens.
In fact what I am discovering slowly slowly is that there is a silver lining in every situation, if I look hard and long enough without giving in to panic and to my ‘ego attacks’.
What is an ‘ego attack’?
Every time that I act to serve my ego rather than the ultimate good, I call it an ‘ego attack’ as it is a revenge of the ego which is the little self in all of us that wants to be acknowledged, revered, appreciated, taken into consideration all the time.
Is it possible to endure and win on the ‘ego attacks’?
Yes, it is super possible, but it requires a lot of attention and dedication, I would even call it devotion towards the ultimate good of humanity, rather than our little gain and purpose.
Service and love

To live from a place of service and love is very hard to do indeed and I have to say not many people succeed in doing it all the time and I am certainly not there yet, as much as I would like to …
Instead of feeling depressed though by this truth and feeling despondent towards Life and the Order of things, I decided to live my life in a new way which is actually a very old way.
I can live my life like a drop in the ocean and feel happy about it whatever happens to me and to the world.
Is this a deluded way of living?
I do like asking myself this type of questions and go to the bottom of the issue whenever I can …
My answer is: no, it is not a deluded way of living, because it is thanks to all those little drops of water that we have an ocean and we can enjoy it.
I am very thankful for this wonderful home that is our Planet and for the fact that it is mainly covered in water as it is the source of life.
Can we ever know personally all those drops of water?
I don’t think so, but it is actually not important; what it is life changing is my personal awareness that all those drops in the ocean represent people like me that are happy to be and come from a place of service and love, whenever Life calls them.
Like a drop in the ocean
Together all those drops are very powerful and have a huge influence on the Planet that they couldn’t have if they were single drops scattered all over the place, likewise by being a happy drop of water I can ultimate contribute to life in unforseeable ways and be very powerful too.
It is my consciousness and purpose that can make the difference more than anything else and when I combine my consciousness and purpose with my acts, I can be powerful beyond belief.
I hope I can happily be a drop in the Ocean of life for the rest of my days and serve all the women I come across with my little experience of Life by being a drop of water that can quench one’s thirst: together we can make a huge difference and we should never take this for granted!
In a time when it seems that the gain of the personal Ego is ruling more fiercely than ever before, it is time to show by example what it is to live like a drop in the ocean and feel happy about it.
May the Feminine rise and rule with love on this wonderful blue Planet.
If you enjoyed reading my thoughts and you might have similar experiences happening to you, I would love to read from you, as sisterhood is one of those things that is very helpful to soothe our feminine spirit, especially in this ‘rough and unpredictable times’.
To find more information about my work with women, the female cycle and my women circles please check my website Flying Inspiration.
Thanks for reading and happy living!

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