Joy is my reality

Going back to my ‘media fasting’

After the events of last month, I am referring mainly to the start of the US President’s administration on 20th January and the Women’s Marches around the world to protest against a misogynist head of state who is not afraid to make his views about women public, I decided to start again my ‘media fasting’.  After I took part in the Women’s March in London whole heartedly on 21st January, I realised that it was time for me to return to my peaceful and ‘news free’ world. Why?   After being on my ‘media fasting’ for over eleven years, except for very short periods of time, I am very aware of the impact of media on myself and have learnt to protect myself.  It is not wanting to live in an artificial bubble where I delude myself that everything is fine and I will be all right, just the opposite.  I know how difficult it is these days to control the external influence of things on my life, therefore I select carefully what I read on a daily basis.

The media world

In this precise point in time it is so important for all of us to be very conscious of how delicate the situation we are living collectively is and how crucial it is to remain positive and stick to our values, even if they might not be the ones shared by the masses. It is of the utmost importance to be able to protect ourselves emotionally and psychologically from the huge amount of negativity that is spread out there every day by the media.  I am not saying that everything that one can read in papers is absolutely negative, but the majority is and the rest is inserted strategically to make money, rather than to keep the population informed.  Media thrive on drama, scandals and emergencies, they are a big business that needs to make a profit, rather than having the evolution of the human race at heart.  I understood this many years ago, hence in 2005 I decided to start focusing more my energy, time and effort on my life rather than everybody else’s and the personal interest of the few.


My choice

I am very conscious that this is my personal choice and not necessarily has to be the same for the rest of the population.  The other reason why I also realised that it was time for me to retreat again from the ‘outer world’ was the realisation of how addictive it is to read the paper headlines or the updates on news websites, even if one doesn’t go to the extent of watching TV.  It is very seductive and easy to be sucked into this state of collective unconsciousness where one just listens, reads or watches what is apparently the ‘News’. As I have weaned myself from this conditioning little by little within the years, it becomes very apparent to me when it is time to leave the stage after ‘dipping my toes into the water’ when there is a major event going on like for instance the US President moving into the White House.   The first day or two it feels awkward not to check what is the latest news, but after a while the return to stillness and joy becomes much more seductive and fulfilling for me. I know that anyway if the world is about to collapse, somebody will let me know about it, in some way or another.


The WEF conference

To ease my way back ‘home’ so to speak was my participation as a speaker to the conference of the Women Economic Forum which happened in London from 31st January to 2nd February: ‘Awakening The Power Within: The Way Forward For UK’.  Being at the conference for the whole three days and enjoying mainly the company of women really was a lovely way to go back to the female world and energy.   Feeling the buzz of the ‘Feminine’ was very soothing and energizing to say the least.  It refreshed in my mind why I am a women’s coach and why I am so adamant about women’s empowerment.  Only if we become collectively empowered can we change things for good on the Planet and it is so crucial that we do it!  There is so much need of empathy, care, nurture, love, respect and honesty in the world at large that we can’t afford to keep going on the old autopilot way as we have done in the last few millennia; it is time for women to change the world. Only if we do this in a consistent, quiet but steady way, things will change for the better. We can’t afford a violent revolution like the past can so easily shows us, we need a new way: the silent way, the peaceful way of The Goddess.


My first talk at the WEF conference

My first talk on the first day of the conference was a small contribution to the subject ‘Getting things done: shifting the mind set from time management to energy management’.   In this speech of less than ten minutes I shared with women my view of how our female cycle can help us to do exactly that: shift from being driven by the outer world and instead start focusing our energies on ourselves to evolve as women. It is so fundamental that we tune in and listen to our body as we have an inner compass that can help us on a daily basis to become more self-aware and clear about our role in society.   This inner compass is our female cycle that guides us every month to follow the cycle of Life and her four stages.


My second talk at the WEF conference

My second talk was on the third and last day of the conference and was ‘Beauty and Wellness’.  As women we are so conditioned about what is beautiful and how to be beautiful independently from our energy state and what is important to us. We become addicted to look and behave in a certain way to be accepted and appreciated. This doesn’t necessarily make us happy and aware of who we are, just the opposite; to be beautiful becomes a mask behind which we hide or pretend to be somebody else.  I am not saying that this is the case of all women in the world, but I think that at some extent we all have been affected by the way we have been brought up to please others rather than ourselves first. Sometimes even if we are aware of this, it is not always easy to go back on track and return home to ourselves.  It is a real commitment and a daily effort that we have to do, if we want to grow up spiritually and discover more about ourselves and our role in society. Moreover we can’t feel well and be satisfied if we don’t fulfill our duty towards ourselves in the first place.  When we are aware of our female cycle and we are gracefully following her energetic monthly flow, we develop emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. We sync in with ourselves and automatically we are beautiful because we are fueled from the inside out. To be able to do this and venture on this journey of self-discovery is a real art and it requires a total commitment. The sooner we become acquainted with our ‘inner seasons’ and how the female cycle works within us, the sooner we start flowing gracefully with Life in a beautiful way.  We become cosmic and naturally driven, rather than exhausted with never ending ‘to do lists’ to execute every day.


My vision

I know that this subject, even if it is still taboo, is contagious and very intriguing for women, therefore I did my best to make it even more attractive and appealing to trigger curiosity in my fellow sisters and encourage them to explore their female cycle with awe and amazement to be ‘Beautiful and Well’.  I finished my talk by sharing my vision as I know that to make a vision a reality it needs to be shared and spread constantly because I can’t do it alone!  So here is my vision:

The Woman of the XXI Century is the woman of the next generation!

She is beautifully strong, she acts according to her soul purpose

and because of that she is irresistibly magnetic

and engages in empowering relationships with men and women.

She gives birth every day to her reality,

she pays attention to her feelings

and her feelings guide her to create what she wants;

she does it through relationships that help her to discover more about herself,

relationships are her tool in the playground of life.

Her feelings are her strength, they complement her intellect,

they are a precious source of inner guidance.

She is clear about her vision and purpose,

therefore she is a beautiful inspiration!

How does she do all this?

She is in contact with her womb,

she is aware of her cycle,

she acts following her energetic flow,

she elegantly flows in the river of life guided by herself, her centre,

this makes her a magnet, a beacon of inspiration rather than perspiration!

Do you like the picture?

Does it sound enticing?

Does it make you feel good?

I can smell the scent of this woman,

life for this woman tastes great!

My reality

I am choosing my reality every day and my reality is joy, what is yours?  I would like to invite you to join me in this peaceful revolution to become a ‘Woman of The XXI Century’.  As being at the Women’s March and then at the WEF conference showed me, the feminine consciousness is moving and moving fast and not only in women, but in men alike.  It is time for humanity to grow and create a new society where women and men are living together peacefully and fully empowered.  As women we have to take the lead and embody the Feminine Consciousness.  We need to be united and be sisters without rivalry and competition because only girls compete with one another, real women empower each other and are an example of the Feminine Consciousness in action.  I would love to read your thoughts about this interesting time we live in and, if you want to find out more about my life calling of helping women be empowered by their female cycle, check my website: Flying Inspiration.


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