Women marching for humanity

Finding my tribe

Last week I came across a post about the Women’s March while I was on Facebook and remembered reading back in November about marches being organised all over the world by women to protest against the new US President and his misogyny. I remember making a note of the date as I thought that it would be something in which I would like to take part.  Then life took over, as it is often the case, and I forgot all about it.  When I read that post last week though, I felt compelled to find out more about it. A real calm but strong pull was evidently calling me from some unknown place in the ether …   When I saw that up to 616 marches would be happening in different parts of the world, including all continents (yes, even Antarctica!), my heart jumped in my chest.  I quickly put in my post code in the website page to find a march close to where I live and discovered that there was one in London, of course!  I pondered about it for another day to see what would come up for me in the meantime.  When I woke up the following day there was a certain clarity in my mind that either alone or with friends I would be part of that march on Saturday 21st January 2017 at 12.30. Once I made that decision and bought my train ticket to go to London I felt better.


Past and present

There was still some uncertainty in my mind and soul as last time I joined a demonstration was in my early 20’s when I was still at university in Turin. I decided to go to Brussels to march with federalists who wanted to create a European federation of states similar to the US.   My European heart was beating fast back then and wanted change and progression in politics to create a bigger community called Europe, rather than keep on living all divided in different states.  I always felt as a human being and a citizen of the world rather than an Italian citizen.  I remember that experience being really wonderful and loved marching through the streets of Brussels among all sorts of people belonging to different states and feeling at home!  I live in UK now and obviously my heart sank last June when I heard the results of the referendum. Brexit became overnight a reality and I still have to get my head around that, to be honest.  I wasn’t the only one to be in shock, but nothing major happened immediately apart from a lot of talk and articles in the media about the subject.


Being one of them

The US election was different though. The president elect summed up in one person too many aspects that couldn’t be overlooked and condoned by the majority of people, and this became evident in the numbers of those who decided to march on Saturday.  I was one of them because I couldn’t silence my inner voice who kept saying to me “Go girl, go!”  I arrived at Euston station on Saturday morning and while I was walking towards Grosvenor Square, where the march was starting at 12.30, I felt my heart pounding and butterflies in my stomach.  I could feel that I was in a moment in time that would be remembered in the years to come and would mark history.  I felt very emotional and so I focused on my physical sensations to come back to the present without going off with my mind too much.  I met with a friend on my way to the rally and we walked together through the streets that seemed particularly quiet and empty for a Saturday morning in the capital.  When we arrived in the vicinity of Grosvenor Square we eventually saw some more people, alleluia!  The march had just started so we joined the huge snake of people that were heading down Park Lane with banners and all kind of placards with slogans written on different materials, their faces, on their pets, on prems, their clothes, etc. Imagination has no limits, especially when one feels the inner compulsion to express oneself for a cause dear to one’s heart. That was definitely the case of all those people.  I didn’t prepare any banner, I just went as myself and my consciousness wanting to be part of the movement, a movement that will make history.



A shining day to remember

The sun was shining and I was looking at all those faces, overhearing parts of conversations, seeing their interactions and feeling proud to be with them to make a stand and express my intention not to allow the past and darkness to come back!  Women’s rights are human rights and nobody should even think of discussing the possibility to say that they are not.  All should have the right to determine what is right for their body independently from any religion, race, age, gender or sexual orientation.  Freedom is the most valuable right that we have achieved as humanity in the last century, even though in many countries it is not yet a reality, we cannot go backwards, but we should keep shining our freedom as a beacon for those countries that are still enduring dictatorships.


Feeling the love

There were many things that touched me during the march and will mention just a few.  One was to see so many ‘aged blessed’ women and men in the march, that was so fantastic to watch as I saw my future self in those women.  Second was the amount of young kids and babies brought along by their mothers, it was incredible, some of them were literally just born!  Third the number of men in the march was so high that I felt so moved and encouraged by it as it was first and foremost a women’s march.  There weren’t just men escourting their partners, girlfriends or wives, but men on their own, clearly wanting to be there.  I walked for a while behind a father who was caring his son, who obviously didn’t want to walk, therefore his son’s face was looking at me while I was walking. He was abandoned on his father shoulder with total trust and was obviously enjoying being carried by him.  Witnessing that took me back in time when I was that young and sometimes I was also carried by my father. I can still feel that feeling of being carried and being protected: a wonderful sense of security and warmth.  While I was looking into the boy’s eyes I was thinking how it might be being born in a society like this and experiencing being part of such a march: how will it influence the boy’s mind in the future?  I felt hope in my heart and so proud to have decided to be there and witness all that.


A new global community

I felt so peaceful all along, even when I arrived in Trafalgar Square where people would rally at the end of the march.  The square was obviously overflowing as over 100,000 people took part, but I never felt oppressed or intimidated by the crowd, it all felt so peaceful and civilized. People were moving slowly, with respect and they were smiling.  On Saturday I realised that we have a future and it might be even bright, if we all keep focusing on love and unity, rather than hate and division because of fear.  I feel a deep urge to thank the US President for triggering this unprecedented global movement of freedom and respect, when the darkness moves in the light shines even more!  It is not about women or men, it is about being human in the full sense of the word and being human-kind so that humanity can not only survive on the Planet but thrive.  The feminine consciousness is moving and moving fast and not only in women but in men alike.  In the Women’s March I felt more than ever a ‘Woman of The XXI Century’ and would like to invite all women to be ‘The Women of The XXI Century’ and embody the Feminine Consciousness.  I waited for five decades to witness this moment and words fail to express completely what I feel inside.  More action will be required in the near future, I am sure, but I will definitely move again and like me probably all those people that on Saturday decided that the destiny of the Planet and humankind was more important than anything else.  We need to be united and be the Feminine Consciousness in action.  I would love to read your thoughts about this interesting time we live in and, if you want to find out more about my life calling of helping women be empowered in their feminine energy, check my website: Flying Inspiration.


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