Girls just want to have fun!

Are you having fun in your life?

As Cindy Lauper said in her song ‘Girls just want to have fun’, is it true for you?  I mean real fun, the type of fun that feeds your heart with laughter and joy, not just entertainment!  There is a huge difference between the two: the former is an activity that recharges your batteries and feeds your soul, whereas the latter helps you to kill time and boredom. A substantial difference, I would say.  In our modern world we can be entertained 24/7 very easily, even for free, but that doesn’t necessarily feed our souls and recharge our batteries.  Actually, at times it can be really draining.  We all know how important it is to find ways to regain our centre, be inspired and feel good. Life is full of ups and downs for everybody, therefore we need ways to raise ourselves up when we need or want to.  How do you find the right sort of fun for you?

Well, if you are a woman and are in sync with your female cycle, you might have a whole range of ideas about what constitutes fun for you during the different weeks or ‘seasons’ of the month ….  As a woman you go through different energies every month, therefore your idea of fun will change with your female cycle according to the ‘season’ you are in.

Let me explain this in more details.  In your ‘Spring’, which is the week after you come out of your bleeding week, you will start experiencing a surge of energy which will make you more interested in doing active things in the world with other people. So fun might be going to the gym, going for walks with your kids, meeting your friends to go to your favourite museum/park/coffee shop/shop/gallery that feeds your interests. Fun might be planning the next move in your career, your next holiday or your next blog/video/photo shoot/party or whatever it is that lights you up.  In your ‘Summer’, which is the week when you are ovulating, your fun will be even more social and active, therefore you will include your family or extended family in your leisure activities, your work colleagues or members of a club/association/organization that you might be part of. The more involving the activity the better and the more people you can spend your time with the better too.


In your next season, ‘Autumn‘, you will start to lose interest in the above activities and wonder why you were so mad to spend your time with others …   Yes, your private life will be much more interesting and you will find plenty of things that you can do on your own or maybe just with one person or two, possibly somebody close to you rather than acquaintances.  Why?  Because in ‘Autumn’ your inner life starts taking priority and you find it more interesting reviewing what you have experienced during your ‘Spring’ and ‘Summer’. Don’t worry, you haven’t become antisocial all of a sudden, it is just the way it works for us women during our cycle.  So embrace your ‘Autumn’ and follow your instinct and indulge in what you think is important to you instead of, perhaps, feeling guilty for your change of mood and interest! There are plenty of things that will be fun for you in this season that need your attention and complement the activities that you undertook in the first half of your cycle. Do you see how well planned all is?

Trust Nature, it has been around a bit longer than you and I, a few billions of years, maybe?  Yes, ‘Autumn’ is a wonderful season for your private life and reviewing your life’s agenda. Maybe it’s time to go and see that film you have wanted to see for a long time on your own, because it is a reflective film that just hits a chord with you right now. Just do it and feel good about it!


In your ‘Winter’, the following week when you start bleeding, fun is going to change again. Possibly it might look like staying in bed longer, reading that book on your bedside that you left for too long, or paint/write/take pictures/have a bath or anything that relaxes you and helps you reflect and stay with your ‘inner mate’: your soul.  If you start paying attention to all of these energies flowing in different directions, you will start to have a much more intimate relationship with yourself, and this will become your best source of joy and laughter of all time!  So is having fun optional?  Certainly not! It is a necessity if you want to stay healthy and thrive in life.

If you want to explore this matter further and want to learn more about your female cycle, don’t hesitate to contact me, book a personal session to take your life to the next level and have real fun!   For more information check


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