My feminine Winter

The appeal of my inner Winter

Last week I was waiting for my feminine cycle to start and I was doing my best to enjoy the end of my feminine Autumn; at the same time I was really looking forward to experiencing my feminine Winter. My winter inner season is the moment when I enjoy the most the connection with my soul and can experience delightful moments of inner peace and bliss.  I have always appreciated the time of the month when I bleed, even when I was younger and unaware of my inner seasons and its different energies, but now that I am conscious of what happens to me every month on an energetic, emotional and psychological level, I wait for my ‘inner Winters’ with trepidation for all the goodies that come with them.  Last Thursday I could feel that my ‘inner Autumn’ was coming to an end and I could feel that it was a question of hours. I was calmly waiting for the moment of release and bliss that happens almost every month. As my awareness has developed so much these days, I can tell from so many physical signs that I am approaching the moment of my ‘inner Winter’. It is such a joy to follow my body closely and appreciate it for what it does for me, I am so grateful to be a woman!  As my last days of Autumn had been a bit agitated and intense, I was anticipating in my mind the wonderful moment of feeling liberated and released of the inner tension and being able to emotionally, psychologically and physically expand in my body and inner being.  I can tell in the last hour or so that my mind becomes quieter and I start feeling more positive and calmer, as calm as I am after a two weeks’ holiday!  When that happens I know that my only duty is paying close attention to everything that shows up in my mind, body and spirit especially in my dreams.  It is like having an inner party where everything is allowed and I am the only participant where I can dictate my rules and have fun …  I appreciate my time on my own even more than normal and feel sacred in a way that I don’t feel in any other time of the month. I become a goddess and respect my authority.  My inner voice becomes very loud and assertive and I start having insight after insight after insight about myself, life, my relationships, my behaviour, my decisions, etc.

Out of space and time …

I like feeling spaced out and not totally connected with everybody around me and every day life. I allow myself to expand and experience a different dimension: my dimension!  I do my best to listen to my body impulses and follow them, like eating, sleeping, resting, meditating and do certain activities that are more introspective like writing, walking in nature, being idle and allowing the mind to flow …  One of the most nurturing thing for me is sitting in the sun and basking like a cat allowing all my muscles to relax feeling the warmth of the sun slowly going into my skin and body.  I love flying and this time is even more magical when I am in my ‘inner Winter’, but I allow my partner to be the pilot in charge and fly me, so that I can enjoy the landscape and allow my spirit to expand and dream among the clouds.  I have learnt to go with the flow of my Winter and respect it, instead of being annoyed because I can’t remember things, words, I tend to be late, drop things and nothing seems to me to be so important any more.  The biggest impact of my Winter is on the first two days, then little by little it slowly finds its way out and I can feel my mind going back to normal and my body wanting to move more and be active again.  Every Winter has got its delights, gifts, lessons, insights, revelations, healing moments, new ideas and surprises.

The feminine Winter apex of the feminine

It is a time to be feminine, nurture myself, feed my body, love my being and listen to my spirit. It is a time to be receptive and still and allow the supra-natural to reveal itself with grace. It is a time to deepen my intimate relationship and allow my partner into my secrets and inner body in all senses.  I can feel the power of the feminine energy, all its depth, truth, clarity and wisdom. So many nuances become evident and the inner landscape gets very colourful indeed.  I am in my forties and am aware that my Winters might start to be less frequent in the next few years, therefore I am cherishing them as best as I can, being thankful for the exquisite opportunity of being intimate with my soul and inner being.  It is such a pleasure to be a woman and able to share my knowledge and experience with other women in my work as a Female Cycle Consultant and Women’s Coach.  I feel a woman of the XXI century in total evolution, are you one of them too?  Get in touch if you want to discover more and let me know your thoughts.


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  1. Yes, it is wonderful if we can allow ourselves the time to listen to our bodies and go with the flow of change and cycles.
    I am older and have gone through the menopause, which has highlighted some huge issues with all the female hormones falling of a cliff, and becoming hypothyroid, but I am dealing with it well I think, and have written an article to help others which I hope I may share here
    as it can affect so many. Blessings!

  2. Thanks for your comment Julia!
    It is to avoid women having to jump off a cliff at menopause that I do what I do. I wished I had been initiated to all this knowledge about the feminine cycle when I was in my teens rather than in my 40's!
    That is why I am so passionate about my work.
    Nice connecting with you Julia.
    Love and hugs from me


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