A lesson from a seal about femininity

The appeal of the sea

On the just by gone May bank holiday weekend I flew to the Isle of Wight with my partner to have a day out at the seaside.  Since I can remember I always wanted to live by the sea and always felt this longing to be as close to the sea as possible or at least to a river wherever I go.  I still haven’t managed to fulfill my desire and so far I have always lived in places far from the sea, except when I worked for three months in the Maldives where of course I was by the sea all the time.  I also remember that whenever I went to the seaside I always felt my heart shrinking when it would be the time to go back, it felt as if all of a sudden I was lacking oxygen and had to withhold my breath, as if I was diving under water.  It is my purpose to eventually go and live by the sea and I know it will happen as soon as my life circumstances will be right, like everything else has happened in my life.  I do believe that this is valid for everybody, we follow a cosmic/universal timing that is connected to our higher consciousness rather than our conscious mind.


Whitecliff Bay in the Isle of Wight

There I was eventually by the sea, after a slightly more than two hours’ flight in the K16 motorglider to Bembridge, in my favourite bay on the island: Whitecliff bay.  I have been there several times in the past three years and always enjoyed thoroughly the peace and quiet of the place, as there is nothing but a small beach cafe in the whole bay.  After having a snack and allowing ourselves to feel, smell and take in the sea air, we went for a walk on the beach towards one end of it where there is a sheer white cliff facing the sea, hence the name of the place.  I have walked to that corner of the bay before and never gone much further and this time too I wouldn’t go much further either, as a surprise was waiting for me …  While I was balancing on the white rocks on the beach to go towards the end of the bay, I saw a woman behind me hurrying up in my direction and mentioning that there was a seal in the water!  Astonished I looked at sea immediately and could see in the distance, not far from the shore something peeping out of the water that looked a bit like a head of a seal, so I started marching towards it quickly to see if it really was a seal.  I was excited and could feel my heart beat accelerating fast and I was feeling like life was coming back to me all of a sudden.  I love seals and my last experience of such an encounter was over six years ago when I was in Antarctica. I can still remember clearly me sitting in the kayak and looking at this huge head of a beautiful leopard seal just swimming not even a meter away from me!  Such an experience, words can’t really tell the truth of it!  Anyway back to Whitecliff bay: I was walking towards the edge of the beach to see as best as I could this seal which obviously was having a good time in the water.  I went as far as possible, the mammal was swimming in the same spot coming in and out of the water to breathe.  Once I reached the best and closest view point, I stood on a rock trying to keep my balance and just observed the seal coming out of the water to breathe and then going back under water again.

 Out of space and time …

It was a blissful moment of absolute presence and delight, I could feel my heart thumping in my chest, the wind blowing in my hair, the breeze caressing my cheeks and the sun heating my body gently.  As it happened several times, when I was in Antarctica, I slowly sank into a different dimension where time and space disappear and my spirit comes alive and I feel flooded with a wave of surging energy …  The seal was gracefully swimming in the water without a care in the world, effortlessly and peacefully as immersed in eternity.  After watching it attentively for few moments, I became the seal and felt totally free and liberated of the human restrictions of not being able to breathe under water and not being able to swim as swiftly and as fluidly as a seal can do.  There was such a beauty in this feeling and an immense sense of power came over me, I felt as if I was all of a sudden in a dimension where everything is possible and I just have to decide what I want …  The seal was swimming freely as if it was protected from the outside world, this sent over to me a feeling of being in a dreaming state where I could follow my imagination, inner voice and creativity without restrictions.  I stayed there in that heavenly state for a while, I don’t know exactly how long, because where I was, time didn’t exist and I enjoyed it to the fullest!  I was aware that I was watching the seal and am sure that the seal was aware of my presence too. It was a magical moment that brought me back to my many magical moments I lived in Antarctica.  While I was walking back towards the centre of the bay and the cafe, I let my mind flow and go in all directions …

The seal as a symbol of the feminine

The seal is to me one of the best symbols of femininity, it is graceful, sensual, soft, slow, curvy, gentle, playful, lively, joyful, flowing, sleek, agile, gorgeous, rhythmical and harmonious. The seal represents the embodiment of the water element. Water is connected with our emotions which are like the sea: immense and powerful.  I could feel that that seal came out of the blue, literally, to show me and remind me of the power of my feminine and my emotions. It felt like an invitation to immerse myself into my feminine even more than I have done so far, and not being afraid of playing with water: my emotions.  Taste the water Gabriella, breathe it, enjoy it and let it flow in you, around you, on you and become it …  Be a seal in your life, every day, flow and play with the current of Life, listen to your inner Self, experience the inner and outer world, integrate your imagination with the power of your intellect, the feminine with the masculine, feel at home in your beautiful body, dream big!  There is a beauty by being like the seal that can make your life magical and free; magic and freedom are the two aspects that I feel the most appealed to above everything else in life.  Thanks seal for your message, your beauty and wisdom!


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