The gifts of the US election

The sudden turning of reality

The beginning of this month was pretty intense for me on an emotional level. I am certain that I am not the only one to have wondered about the US election and its influence on all of us collectively.   When we come across some news like the outbreak of a war or some report about the infringement of human rights, we tend to take notice, maybe express an opinion about them, if we are conscious and caring people. However after a while we carry on with our lives and quite rightly so.   The US election though had a bigger impact because I think it represents such a potential change for the world that we are forced to take notice of it, even if we don’t want to. The president elected by most Americans is so controversial and outrageously different that we can’t ignore him.   Not only he is physically big and has flamboyant manners, but the words he chooses to use are frighteningly explicit and to the point, so much so that we can’t pretend he is joking or showing us his charming side.


Taking in reality

I had a premonition on 8th November that Mr Trump would win the election; I felt really shocked and revolted and then said to myself that it won’t happen.  Unfortunately the following morning I discovered that my premonition was right and had become a reality.  I confess that this news really disturbed me intimately and gave me nightmares for a couple of nights. I am a very sensitive woman who tends to become more and more psychic these days, therefore sometimes I can’t avoid seeing and hearing things that to the majority of people are unknown.  Because of this I decided to let some time go by before expressing publicly any opinion on this topic.   Now that I have regained my centre and feel strong again, I would like to share my reflections hoping that these might be useful to others.


My background

I would like to step back for a moment and share some of my childhood background.  I was born in Italy in the 60’s into a catholic family.  My parents weren’t avant-garde or intellectuals from the flower power revolution of the 60’s and 70’s in parts of the Western world. Even if they were both well educated, my mother was a teacher and my father an aeronautical engineer, their views were quite restricted as a result of a catholic upbringing during the fascism years.  I soon realised that what mum and dad were thinking and doing wasn’t satisfactory to me, just the opposite.  I felt repressed and unheard and understood that it might be better for me to keep my opinions to myself at times.  The main points that my consciousness became clear about since an early age are listed below with no particular order:

  • because you were told that something is true and you have to believe in it, it is not a good enough reason to believe it yourself

  • legally women have the same rights as men, but in reality they don’t

  • lack of money is often an excuse to leave an issue unsolved and not investigate it more deeply

  • we are powerful spiritual beings, but if one keeps saying out loud every day that one is not important and can’t do anything about a situation, eventually one believes it

  • spending time in sharing all the reasons why something doesn’t work in the way we would like, brings up despair and it is not conducive to anything good for anybody

  • there is always a way to feel good and powerful if we look inside and focus on what makes us smile and feeds our heart

  • women are as fantastic and as ingenious as men, but express it in a different way

  • if you want to always feel under the weather and uncertain, ask other people’s opinion and try to make sense of it

  • happiness, certainty, wisdom, balance and all the other important skills in life are acquired little by little by working at them daily, they don’t come as a package and gift

  • whatever you think and feel is important for your well-being, value it and, if you can’t share it with others, keep it to yourself

  • follow the path you feel called to whatever happens and never look back

My list could be longer, but for what I want to share here, I think this is enough.  The background I come from really obliged me to inspect my mind, heart and soul and take courage to battle for what I stand for.  Not being in a position to openly share my reflections with the ones most close to me was hard to take in and accept, but it has made me the tolerant person that I am now who cares not only for herself, but also for the ultimate good of humanity at large.  Of all things I became clear of, the one that stuck with me the most is the realisation that things can only change in a sustainable way if the individual becomes aware of her/his power and how influential he/she can be. This knowing is the ground on which anything can be built on and any problem resolved however big it might be.


The gift of the present

When on 9th November I heard the news about Mr Trump being the future US president, I felt shocked and some despair, but soon after I realised that I was eventually witnessing a moment that I had waited for a very long time: the moment of truth.   By being at the helm of one of the most powerful countries in the world the US president is a very important person because with his decisions he can affect everybody’s life.  Now that the US will have such a short and small-minded, aggressive, blatantly outspoken, intolerant, retrograde, disrespectful of women and minorities president, we can’t but become the fiercely wonderful and spiritual advanced human beings that we always wanted to be.  What we are witnessing must trigger in us all those qualities that we admire or expect others to have and use them for the ultimate good of everybody.  I call this the moment of truth because we don’t have more time to speculate about what the ultimate reality and future of humanity will be, we have to become that wonderful dream we wanted to happen.  This moment in time demands us to be the best we can be all the time: no more holidays!   It is the time when as individuals we have to start to lead our own life and others’ life by being an example of excellence, tolerance, empathy, love and inspiration. It is not the time to make US, UK or any other country great again, it is the time to realise that we are all living on the same little rock called Earth and we all want the same thing: being happy!   We can’t be happy if there are some of our brothers and sisters suffering on the other side of the planet; we are all part of the same family called humanity. We are powerful and, if we are also united, it doesn’t matter who is the president of whatever state, we can change things for the better whatever government we are under!


The power of women united

I am glad to be the woman I have become as a result of all my difficulties, because now I feel ready to lead the life I always wanted to lead to create the world a better place.  As a woman I feel called to give voice to the Feminine Consciousness to wake women up and see their powerful feminine side that so many have repressed for so long as a result of the rule of patriarchy for millennia.   It is time to allow our hearts to speak loud and clearly and not tolerate any more injustice that we might witness in our daily life.  What we are witnessing with the US election is the coming in the open of our collective shadow that has always been there, but we repressed.  Mr Trump is the angel in disguise calling all of us to be ourselves and speak our truth in a new way: a tolerant and enlightened way.  As he speaks his truth out loud so we have to do it too.  We all have witnessed enough violence and intolerance in our lives, however old or young we are and in whatever country we live in.   It is time to build a new world by being an example instead of talking about it.  Feminine consciousness is demanded to highly contribute to this world at this point in time, therefore I would like to invite all women to be ‘The Women of The XXI Century’ and embody the Feminine Consciousness.   We need to be united and be the Feminine Consciousness in action.  I would love to read your thoughts about this interesting time we live in and, if you want to find out more about my life calling of helping women be empowered in their feminine energy, check my website: Flying Inspiration.


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