Entering my joyful queendom

The rule of fear

I have been living following my intuition the best I could all my life, trying to discover myself and the mysteries of this existence.
My curiosity and thirst for the truth pushed me in places and activities that I never planned to venture into consciously, so much so that at a certain point I became aware that there was a hidden part of me pointing me towards certain people and pushing me into experiences that would challenge me or put me in situations where I could grow.
It has been an interesting journey so far, at times a roller coaster ride and at times plain calm and pleasurable sailing.
What I failed to notice though that now is coming to my attention more and more is how much we are as a society steeped in fear and how much our actions are motivated and driven by it. If the goal is a good one, who cares if it is fear the motivator, you might say, and I would reply “True, who cares?”
New horizons

What is coming up for me though, as grace and wisdom are coming to dine with me more often, I enjoy their company a lot and we are becoming good friends, is that there is a substantial difference between living a life motivated by fear and one motivated by pleasure and joy.
A life motivated by fear is very stressful and ultimately never really satisfying, as there always will be a new fear coming up and therefore pushing you for something else looming at the horizon; whereas a life motivated by joy is peaceful, restful and very satisfying.
Strangely enough I wondered why this major difference never occurred to come to the forefront of my consciousness before in such an obvious way.
I am aware of the importance of different stages in our life and how they change us and how fundamental is their purpose to make us grow, but still wondered why this didn’t hit me earlier …
Whatever might the real trigger be, it doesn’t really matter ultimately, but I think that there might be a good chance of my female cycle helping me out with all of this.
In case it is the wrong guess, I am still very grateful for all the wonderful and life changing insights I am getting these days.
What we do

Going back to fear and my investigation about life …
It is pretty obvious to me that many parts of our society, businesses, organisations, religions and the rest gain a lot of power and wealth by playing this ‘dirty game’ of fear.
We behave in a certain way because of fear, we buy things, necessary and totally unnecessary, we subscribe to activities, clubs, societies and all sorts of organisations in fear of not feeling important enough, being interesting and engaged, cool, etc. We even choose our beliefs out of fear and habit and because of the societal conditioning.
Don’t you think it is a bit too much?
The order in society is kept mainly by instilling fear in people, even if this might seem far fetched, it is actually happening and has been happening for thousands of years.
We eat certain foods and do certain activities in fear of getting sick and the moment something goes wrong with our health we enter the ‘Fear Kingdom’ of medicine where doctors have got ‘The Knowledge’ and tell us what is wrong with us.
We buy all sorts of insurances in fear that the worst happens, even pets now are insured, I really don’t know what will be next, as I think you can insure almost anything these days.
My new choice
Have you noticed that the more ways we find to assure ourselves that we are covered the more uncertain and unpredictable life becomes?
We even have life insurance, but we are scared to death!
I can’t really think of a more uncertain and unpredictable time than now.
The Summer solstice has brought me a wonderful present this year: the awareness of the ‘Fear Kingdom’ and my desire to choose to enter instead my ‘Joyful Queendom’.
What if I chose every day to only do things that I want and do them in joy?
How would my life change?
Who would I become?
I don’t really have the answers yet to those questions, but I like this adventure and decided to embark on it. To follow the good vibes is definitely more pleasurable and enticing than staying in fear!
If other people had the same idea too, maybe we might all surprise ourselves with what we could achieve and how nice living on this Planet could actually be, maybe it might even be paradise on Earth.
How do you feel about this?
Have you ever thought about it?
Would you be enticed to try it out?
Do you think it is crazy?
Sometimes being crazy is a saner way of living than being reasonable …
If we all decided something similar, we might surprise ourselves at how much we can transform everything into joy and never look back at the ‘Fear Kingdom’, welcome the ‘Joyful Queendom’ and thrive in the next step of our evolution.
Would you like to join my ‘Joy Club’?
It is free, the membership doesn’t expire, unless you want to quit the club and there is no particular requirement to be a member rather than be human!
If my view intrigues you and you would like to find out more about me and my work, check my website: Flying Inspiration

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