A Women Circle of Wisdom

It feels like a long time since that morning in July 2014 when I woke up and heard my inner voice saying “Start a women circle!”.  Immediately I thought “Who is this?” and soon after I realised that I had heard that voice before and I kind of knew it …  My second thought was “Oh no, not another thing to organise and market!”, I felt anxious and despondent as I knew that I couldn’t discuss anything with my inner voice, I just had to do what I was asked.  By then I was completely awake and I started observing what was going on within me. I felt numerous fears coming up to the forefront of my awareness so I looked closer.  To name a few, there was fear of rejection, of being vulnerable, of failure, fear of the financial commitment, fear of wasting my time, of inadequacy and many others that I have now forgotten.  Mainly though it was the fear of Fear that showed up on that summer morning for me, it always is.  As I learnt to look my fears in the eye, I thought that I had to do something immediately to defeat them all and follow my inner voice without fail.  That’s how it all began …

My journey …

It has been an interesting journey since that July 2014, it is almost two years that I put myself into question every month around the new Moon.  Without any particular order these are the things that happened so far during this inner journey of mine.  There were months when no woman showed up, so I meditated on my own and focused on myself; sometimes it was easy to accept it, sometimes I didn’t like it and resisted it.  There were months when one woman showed up so it was a one to one rather than a circle and interesting conversations happened revealing unexpected coincidences in our lives that just blew me away.  There were months when two women came, so it was a triangle rather than a circle, but it started having the feeling of a community and it was pleasant and encouraging.  There were months when three women came, so it was a square and it felt more stable and grounded than the triangle, but still very magical.  There were months when four women showed up and it started being a real circle and I felt successful, but also more challenged in running it.  There were months when five women came and I felt super exuberant, as it felt I had a full house!  So far it never happened that more than five women came to my circle, but I know it will happen, as I know that I will hold women circles for the rest of my life, wherever Life takes me between now and when I will depart to a different dimension.  To share this makes me feel super vulnerable and shy, but at the same time it is very freeing, because I am facing my fear of failure and I am even writing publicly about it!  Whenever we feel uncertain and afraid of something, it generally is a part of ourselves that we disown and want to hide. To drop the negative effect of this and the power that it can have over us, the best thing to do is to look exactly into the thing that we disown and we might be surprised by what we see!

My lessons

My journey with my Women Circle of Wisdom has taught me that there is something super magical about women getting together and sitting in a circle, even if it might be a triangle or a square and not a proper circle.  As long a pure intention to connect at soul level is there, it is all that matters!  The fact of sitting with other women and being open with them and dropping our masks make us vulnerable and prone to discover more about ourselves and those parts that make us uncomfortable.  By hearing other women’s stories we recognise ourselves in them and understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of, we are not alone and everything serves a purpose to help us grow.  Every month I feel overwhelmed by the strange coincidences that come up in the circle, by the serendipitous encounters that happen and how insightful this process is.  Holding a circle obliged me to be totally congruent with myself and my values, to be able to be truthful with others and to accept anything that comes up.  By not having a particular agenda but simply being open to what shows up on the night is very challenging, as we are all so conditioned to make things happen, rather than letting them unfold before us.  Recognising that there is a higher awareness leading the circle and that the circle becomes a different identity has humbled me over and over again.  Every time I hold a circle I learn that the number of women is not important, as quality is more important than quantity and that the right women always show up at the right time. I can’t control that!  My only duty is to hold the space and create a pure environment for the higher awareness to show up and the feminine power to teach us what we need to learn in that moment.  There is so much wisdom in women that every single time that I experience it, I feel so thankful that the duty and commitment of holding the circle every month disappears and I only feel joy and bliss.  I would like to thank all those women who came to my circle so far and shared their wisdom with me and would like to invite all those of you who have never sat in a circle to do it as soon as possible to feel first hand what it means to be part of the magic!  May the Goddess bless you all a thousand times for being a woman of wisdom.  I hope to welcome you soon to one of my women circles in the near future.  To find out more about my Women Circle of Wisdom please check my website: Flying Inspiration and the page Women Circles.


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