Radio shows 2016- 2018

 Radio interviews
Radio interviews are in chronological order so please scroll down to listen to the more recent ones.
On 2nd March 2016 I had an interview with reverend Marcus Hart for Wisdom Wednesday on his radio show ‘Transform U!’ and shared my vision to help women make their female cycle their best friend and help men be more aware of what happens in a woman’s body during the month.
I also shared some of the lessons learnt during my fantastic journey to Antarctica where I was tested by Nature big time and came back home with a different vision for my life!
I shared some of my experiences and lessons on the show and in full length in my book ‘Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning’.
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In March 2016 I had an open and frank interview with Karyn Beach in the States on her ‘Get it together girl’podcast. I shared my worst sufferings and difficulties that almost sank me in 2005 and my coming out of the tunnel and then decided to face the unknown and go to Antarctica with a group of people to face fears and limiting beliefs.
I shared with Karyn the trauma post divorce and the trauma post expedition and how I came out of it too …
I also told Karyn how I found out my life call in the midst of all this and started working as a female cycle consultant to help women appreciate their body and their cycle.
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In March 2016 I was also interviewed by Suresh Thakoor in the States for his Blisshacker radio and I shared with him my adventure to Antarctica post divorce and how after that I went on to learn to glide and work with women with their female cycle, the whole lot in a nutshell!
If you want to discover who Gabriella is, listen to this interview by clicking the image below
In April 2016 I was interviewed by Malik Shakur on ‘The Knowledge Show Live’ to talk about my adventure in Antarctica in 2008 and my book ‘Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning’ which narrates what happened down under to me as a person during my trip.
I shared with the host my experience of communing with Nature and the impact that had on me while I was there, my visit to a scientific station and the unpredictable event that caused me to face an emotional trauma and how it changed my life.
My conversation with Malik is honest, direct, heartfelt and passionate about my life changing experience and my life calling of helping women with their menstrual awareness.
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In April 2016 I was interviewed by actor Andrew Mondia in the States on his radio show ‘Embrace Your Uniqueness’ and shared my story as a woman who had to allow herself to sink to be able to be reborn among the ice of Antarctica, start a new career as a Female Cycle Consultant and write and publish a book about my adventure in Antarctica ‘Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning’ in 2012.
My share with Andrew is personal and very intimate as I know him and met him personally when he was living in UK years ago.
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In May 2016 I was interviewed by Corine La Font on her radio show ‘You Trippin’ and shared with her how I ended up in Antarctica, how I faced my divorce and regained my self-confidence by preparing myself for my expedition to Antarctica and what happened there. 
My main drive was listening to my heart and following my spirit encouragement to go and travel towards an unknown destination so far from everything!
If you would like to download the cheat sheet that I prepared for the listeners click here Cheat Sheet.
My talk with Corine was light and deep at the same time, to listen to it click on the logo below or if you want to download the audio file click below
In September 2016 I was interviewed by author Win Kelly Charles for her podcast ‘Butterflies of Wisdom’and shared with her my adventure in Antarctica and the essence of my book ‘Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning’. Facing my fears and my beliefs was just the start of a new journey into the unknown …
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In September 2016 I was also interviewed by Alex Okoroji on her radio show ‘The Naked Talk’. During the show I shared with Alex what I think it is the thing that women across the world need the most and are desperately looking for. I also shared some intimate moments of my private life and adventure to Antarctica in 2008.
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In March 2017 I was interviewed by Leanne Mulcahy for her radio show ‘Stand Out Women’.
I shared with Leanne my experience of educating myself first and then other women to the wisdom of menstruation and menstrual awareness. I explained how the female cycle affects a woman’s life and why it is fundamental for her inner development and happiness. 
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In May 2017 I was interviewed by Barbara Fernandez alias the ‘The Rocking Raw Chef’ for her podcast ‘Clean Food Dirty Stories’ and shared my personal journey that took me from a marriage where I had to face abuse and control to the challenge of divorce and then the freedom of Antarctica.
As we both like cooking we dived into the details, because you have to know your ingredients to produce a wonderful delicacy, don’t you?
It was an open heart collaboration that produced a juicy recipe, have a taste!
To listen to the interview with Barbara click below
In June 2017 I was interviewed by Daniel Wagner of ‘Unframe of Mind’ in the States and we had a down to earth conversation about menstruation, what it means for a man to live with four women under the same roof and the implications of the female cycle in intimate relationships and in society at large. The female cycle is not a curse neither for women or men, it is just down to us to understand it and appreciate all her hidden benefits that we are not used to see and consider.
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In July 2017 I was interviewed by Tom Hudson of ‘Up Rev Ninja’ podcast in the States and shared with him my life adventure as an Italian interpreter who ends up living in London with a Briton and then through the intricacies of life ends up in Antarctica in 2008 to face her fears and limiting beliefs.
To listen to our straight forward interview full of wit and anecdotes click below
In July 2017 I was also interviewed by Joy Leng in Singapore about my work with women for her ‘Shakti on Fire’ podcast. I share with Joy my background and how it took me on the path I am on now to empower women and help them become menstrual aware to have a more fulfilling life that is harmonious with the feminine natural cycle of life. Are you aware of your inner seasons?
Do you breathe with your vagina? If not, listen in and see how menstrual awareness and vaginal breathing can improve your life as a woman.
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In October 2017 I had an interview with Marianne Pestana in the States for her radio show ‘Moments with Marianne’ where she interviews experts of varied topics to share with her audience their nuggets of wisdom. I shared with Marianne my insightful moments of my trip in Antarctica and how one’s life can be changed by single powerful moments when one’s realisation is impacted by certain circumstances, as it happened for me during my adventurous trip down under. Nature is my big teacher and so it was in Antarctica too, to listen to this unpredictable conversation click on the icon below or if you want to listen just to my interview click below
In November 2017 I was interviewed by Linda Thompson about my book ‘Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning’ for The Authors Show aired in the States. During my interview I share with Linda some of my lessons learned down under during my Antarctic adventure and also my personal journey as a woman in such a rigid continent where nature rules fiercely.
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In January 2018 I was interviewed by Linda Wattley for her radio show ‘The Truth Will Set You Free’ and I talked with her about my passion for empowering women around their female cycle by teaching them the power of their monthly bleed and how the female cycle controls their emotions, thoughts, actions and their spirit!
I share with Linda lots of information and personal tips for both men and women about the female cycle and I also talk at length about my adventure in Antarctica in 2008.
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