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Welcome to Flying Inspiration!

Flying Inspiration is a space where women can explore their inner potential.

With my coaching, workshops, personal sessions and intensive days I educate women about their female cycle and help them find their period power, their cycle wisdom and make their feminine cycle their best friend!

To understand and learn to enjoy one’s own female cycle for a woman is very freeing, empowering, and an exhilarating journey that you don’t want to miss for anything in the world!

By combining the power of our mind and the wisdom of our body we can live a harmonious life as women.
Believe me, I know how life is with and without this awareness and I wish that somebody had explained this to me during my teenage years, so don’t waste your time, get in touch with me immediately!

Summing it all up:
these are the services that Flying Inspiration can offer:

– help for women to discover their inner beauty and wisdom by understanding the creative process taking place in their female body every month through workshops and personal sessions.

– help for couples, when the female cycle is a problem, to go to the next level in their intimate life by using the benefits of the different energies of the female cycle.
The partners learn to understand each other better and create a stronger bond in their relationships (workshops and couple sessions).

– intensive days called ‘Fly with the Feminine Intensive’ for those of you who are perhaps more courageous and who want to go deep and reach the next level fast; contact me for details

What women say about Gabriella’s workshops:

“I have known you for a couple of months now and I really like, appreciate and feel proud of you and all the things you are doing. If we could get more women like you then there would be no stigma or taboo related to menstruation. That kind of world would be worth to live for!'”
Pradnya Talikoti, Film Maker, India

“I learned so much in one day about my feminine cycle! I was so happy when my period came 3 weeks after the workshop! Why? Because I now know this time is sacred. I now see my cycle through a different perspective, not only on a biological level, but also emotional and I know what I need to do to feel in harmony with it.
Gabriella is a fantastic facilitator who offers a very safe space for women to share their experience.
I recommend this workshop to any woman of any age who wants to understand her body better and discover the immense power of the feminine cycle!”
Juliette Jeanclaude, Painter, Actress, Creative Coach, UK

“What I have learnt at Flying Solo I is priceless for me! I am a very busy woman and what I know now about my cycle is very powerful, useful and practical.
What I used to consider a problem is now my best ally and I am going to treasure my cycle for the rest of my life, I feel I am eventually whole!
I recommend any woman to learn this stuff otherwise she can’t live fully!”
Isabella Colombo, Merchandising Director at Timberland

My vision is to create the Woman of the XXI Century, who feels good in her body and goes for her dreams with confidence and peace in her heart, and the Man of the XXI Century, who lives harmoniously with women, respects them and is in contact with his feminine energy.

To download My Vision click here and to read my Invitation to women click here.

My mission is to create Flying Inspiration Centres all around the world where women can find help to explore their inner potential, discover their dreams and create the life they want.

Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel
A Woman of the XXI century, Author, Speaker and Female Cycle Consultant

Great Attitude Brings Results In Every Life Leading to Altitude

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