Flying Solo II

Flying Solo II Fly with the Feminine

Your knowledge of your feminine cycle can make you unstoppable!


You have attended ‘Flying Solo I Fly with the Feminine’ workshop few months ago, you have been practicing what you learnt and have been tracking your feminine cycle for few months deepening your experience of it first hand.
You have enjoyed it and have felt much more empowered in your femininity than ever before in your life!

Now you are ready to attend ‘Flying Solo II Fly with the Feminine’ and share with other women what you have discovered, experienced, enjoyed, feared and loved!
There is something magical happening when women gather and share their knowledge as piers with the ultimate purpose of improving themselves and grow together.


Come and experience it for yourself!
Our journey can be useful to others too, besides ourelves.
When we share our experience with others, we deepen into it and we go to the next level.
Imagine doing this with similar minded women with the same intent: grow and advance in personal knowledge to enjoy life fully and pass it on to the next generations …

I invite you to step up, come and sit in our women’s circle of wisdom to be marvelled to what is possible!
We are the missing link to our Planet’s future, let’s make a difference together today in joy!

What women say:


“I had no idea that there could be any sort of parallel between the seasons and my own cycle!
Knowing this has allowed me to be more accepting of how I feel at any given point in my menstrual cycle and harness the energy when I have it!”
Cathy Johnson, Midwife, Antenatal teacher, Massage Therapist & Lactation Consultant U.K.

“As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I regularly work with women who find themselves at the mercy of their menstrual cycle and have long been aware of the connection to the negative psychological programming which we women have been subjected to for hundreds of years. I was therefore keen to explore the claim ‘’ your cycle can make you powerful’’ and so signed up for the Flying Solo Workshop. I was not disappointed.
Gabriella’s wonderfully enthusiastic presentation made it an extremely enjoyable day and her obvious passion for her subject is infectious. Women everywhere could benefit from her insight.”
Josephine F Curneen, Clinical Hypnotherapist U.K.


Go with the Flow Article

Read what ‘Natural Health’ published about Gabriella’s work in the article
‘Go with the Flow’

Location: Berkhamsted HP4 Time: 10.00 – 17.00
Contact me for details!

Berkhamsted is only a 30′ train journey from Euston station in London with trains running every 15′

Price: £197.00


Do you have any questions?
Check the FAQ page or if you want to discuss any issue with me, feel in the form on the ‘Contact me’ page and I will call you for a 30 minutes consultation so that you can choose if the workshop is right for you.

Alternatively you can also listen to my interview on the radio by clicking here.

Do you want to attend the workshop with your group of friends/colleagues/acquaintances?
If you know a group of women who would like to attend ‘Flying Solo II Fly with the Feminine’ together at their location, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I would be happy to arrange a workshop in your area for your group whenever possible.

This could be you with your new feminine awareness after having attended the workshop:


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