Flying Solo I

Flying Solo I Fly with the Feminine

The mind analyses, the body knows!

If I knew what I know now when I was in my twenties who would I be today in my forties?
What if I was told when I was a teenager that my female cycle can be my inner guide to power and personal fulfilment?
How different my life would have been as a young woman?
Do you know that your female cycle can take you to bliss?
Are you empowered by it or unaware of it?
How would you feel if you could find in yourself that centre of gravity that is there for you all the time?
That infinite resource that can assist you any time you need it?
Your cycle can be your best friend and teach you to be you, yourself, your beautiful Self!


Would you like to live your life as a pioneer?

Spend a day with me and find out:

  • How you can enjoy your female cycle and get in touch with your inner Self
  • Learn how to use your female cycle to achieve success and abundance
  • Discover how to feel grounded, whole and independent from outer circumstances
  • How life can be heaven and bliss when you are in tune with your inner wisdom

This workshop is for you if you want to start a journey of self-discovery:

  • you are a woman who wants to finally accept her femininity and feel great about it
  • who is clear that it is only by connecting deeply with her body that she can ‘fly’ in life
  • who is proud of herself and not interested in complying with other people’s expectations
  • who wants to find her centre, inspiration, authority, self-love and joy
  • who wants to leave a legacy for future generations
  • who is not afraid to discover herself, transform and fly like a butterfly!

What women say about the workshop:


“I found your workshop very inspirational. Everything you said made sense and opened my eyes to the simplicity and the common sense that surrounds the complexities of our lives as women.
As a woman, my eyes have been opened to the deeper needs of my own body that I realised I had been ignoring, which may explain some of my inexplainable frustrations!
I now feel a calm within, due to my ability to put my feelings into categories, some sort of order, whereas before I tended to feel confusion and frustration at my changing feelings. Thank you again for such an interesting and enjoyable day. The time went so quickly.”
Julie Carden, midwife and family planning nurse U.K.

“I went to Flying Solo I workshop not knowing what to expect and was really pleasantly surprised!
I found out that there is so much more to womanhood, that the cycle plays such a major role in a woman’s life and it is such a gift! I now know why I become moody and sad every month and value it as a tool to be more myself and successful, wow!
Thanks Gabriella for opening me to such a profound world! My life will never be the same again!”
Petra Ivan, Accounts Manager U.K.


Period Power Article

Read what ‘Soul & Spirit’ magazine published about
‘Flying Solo I’ workshop in the article: ‘Period Power’

Location: Berkhamsted
When: tba
Time: 10.00 – 17.00

Contact me for a chat as this workshop is by invitation only!

Berkhamsted is only a 30′ train journey from Euston station in London with trains running every 15′
Price: £ 80.00

Do you have questions?

Check the FAQ page or if you want to discuss any issue with me, feel in the form on the ‘Contact me’ page and I will call you for a 30 minutes consultation so that you can choose if the workshop is right for you.

Alternatively you can also listen to my interview on the radio by clicking here.

Do you want to attend the workshop with your group of friends/colleagues/acquaintances?

If you know a group of women who would like to attend ‘Flying Solo I Fly with the Feminine’ together at their location, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I would be happy to arrange a workshop in your area for your group whenever possible.
This could be you with your new feminine awareness after having attended the workshop:

This workshop will blow your mind as a woman!
You will feel grounded, excited and eager to discover more!
You will take off literally and, if you are passionate about flying like me, and you feel courageous, I can arrange that too!

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