Interesting events for women in 2017

Radical Sacred Life Summit starts on 30th April

When was the last time you felt totally in sync with your intuition, love, sensuality and sense of peace?

Are you ready for some ‘taboo topic’ talk?

You might be feeling unloved, broken or stuck right this very moment. Women experience unique life transitions and situations, it can be daunting and bring unnecessary shame.

When was the last time you put yourself first and really took care of your body, mind and spirit?

If you want to have support to heal, increase your intuition and experience love, this is the summit for you!

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Awakening The Power Within: The Way Forward for UK
This year I spoke at the Women Economic Forum taking place in London from 31st January till 2nd February.
The Women Economic Forum is a global conference to foster empowering conversations and connections among women committed to foster constructive change in all walks of life.
To find out about the three day programme of the conference and when I speak at it click here.
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2nd February, ‘Beauty and Wellness’

31st January, talk with Patty Cruz-Fouchard and Rugie Wurie Lamin:
‘Getting things done: shifting the mind set from time management to energy management’

Past Events I spoke in 2016

On 24th October I was interviewed by Charles Rivers and Demetrius Brown of Inner Success TV and shared with them my adventure in Antarctica, my book ‘Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning’, my work with women and how to reset the future of women by handing down a positive legacy to the future generations by reframing menstruation and giving the respect it deserves. Knowing more about our female body and cycle can change our lives as women and help men too to understand us more and better.

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In October I was invited to appear on the Iolande Argent Show in the United States. During the interview I shared with Iolande Argent my inner journey that took me as far as Antarctica to face my fears and limiting beliefs. My inner experience was deeply inspected by Iolande in all its details and I shared with her my inner challenges and fears that popped up during my adventure.
I also shared with her some of my insights that I put in my book ‘Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning’. 
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Few thoughts about my 50th birthday happened on 4th October this year: a summery of my life so far and my message to myself and women.

Women Virtual Success Summit
 2nd till 5th September 2016
More than 50 global speakers talked about some of the most stressful business areas, publishing trends, technology tools and spiritual teachings to demystify success and help you start and grow your business!
I spoke on 3rd September about:‘How to live a life following your feminine flow’

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On 30th March 2016 I was interviewed by Sue Ellam, founder of Soulfully Connecting website, about my adventure to Antarctica in 2008 and my book ‘Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning’ which is out for the first time in paperback this month on Amazon.
The book is available in a black and white or colour version for those who don’t like electronic books and still prefer to hold a book in their hands while reading it.
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Past Events I spoke in 2015
In November I had a long interview with Sue Ellam, the founder of Soulfully Connecting, a website connecting conscious businesses who are passionate about the Planet and help others live a better life right now.
Listen in if you want to find out more about Gabriella’s work to ‘untaboo’ the female cycle and empower women and men to live more harmoniously and have more fun in life!

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On 14th August I co-ran a women circle in London with Laura Martinez Galera with the focus on menstruation.
On 20th May I spoke in Watford at an event organised by The Happiness Collective and I shared my view about feminine consciousness and how it manifests in our life.
On 6th May I had a magical conversation with Magic Brad of Synergy Café in the States about my passion and life calling of educating women about the Feminine Consciousness

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On 7th March to celebrate International Women’s Day, I spoke at the event
‘Celebrating Being a 21st Century Woman’
My talk title was ‘PMS curse or cure?’

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Past Events I spoke at in 2014
On 17th December I held a webinar titled:
‘How to find your centre as a woman’

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‘I really loved your presentation. It reminded me of so many things I once knew, but maybe have forgotten a bit…
I love nature, and I think it’s very feminine to be in touch with it.
I’ve lost touch with the phase of the moon. So, your presentation has prompted me to look outside at the moon again.
I’ve been in the ‘masculine’ world for so long now, I’m desperate for a life change into a far more feminine way of being. I feel like there’s this well/spring of femininity I need to tap into that will bring me far more into alignment with my true self and my life purpose which is far removed from the masculine life I’m living out at the moment day in and day out, in a linear and ultimately exhausting way.’
                                                                    Lisa Stallard, Sidney, Australia
On 15th November I spoke at
‘Setting the Sail for 2015’
In my talk ‘How to find your inner centre as a woman’
I explained how to be centred to be able to go for your dreams and goals in 2015!

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On 28th October I held a webinar titled:
‘How to make your feminine cycle your best friend!’

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Great book launch of ‘Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning’ on 14th October at the Quirino theatre in Rome

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On 13th September I spoke at the Festival of Life in London
In my talk I explained women’s secrets:
‘Are women a mystery or is there a clue to them?’

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On 6th September I talked at Lift Effects event:
‘The Next Level’ 

In my talk I shared my vision of The Woman of the XXI Century and more …
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Read Nasilele Ailola’s review ‘And the star award winners are …’


On 14th May I held a webinar titled:

‘Are you a woman of the XXI century?

How to live a life following your feminine flow’

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