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Red Tent
Red Tent Berkhamsted
Women Circle of Wisdom
Women used to gather and sit in a circle to meditate together, to nurture, support, inspire one another and hold a space where they could share their wisdom, heal, rest, thrive and progress spiritually, emotionally, psychologically as human beings who were caring for their communities and the Planet.

Our society doesn't value women's contribution to the general welfare of our communities, and it is taken for granted. 
A Women Circle of Wisdom is a space for women to gather and share their own experiences and nurture one another with no other aim than support, help, progress and share one's own wisdom.
It can also be called 'Red Tent' or 'Moon Lodge', it is a space for women to rest and be with other women during the bleeding time otherwise called 'inner winter'.
If you feel called to be part of it, get in contact with me asap, come and sit in the circle and share your wisdom!
There is no cost for coming to the Women Circle of Wisdom except coming with your beautiful Self and donate whatever you feel called to: your time, food, drinks, your creative work, anything that expresses you ...
A minimal contribution of £5 is suggested to cover basic costs, but if you are in financial difficulties, do contact me!
This is an intimate group who gathers in my own home on a regular basis around the new moon.  Either you are in your bleeding week or not, you are in your menstruating years or you are in your wisdom years, come and connect with us as a woman at soul level!
Come and share your wisdom with an open mind and heart.
If you know women who might be interested in coming, let them know about this space.
I am looking forward to connecting with you and experience your wisdom!
What the Women Circle of Wisdom is not:
  •  a networking event
  •  a place to market your products
  •  a place to mourn for the sake of it
  •  a place to escape because you don't want to look at your life
  •  a place to get freebies
  •  a place to gossip


What the Women Circle of Wisdom is:


  •  a place to connect at soul level
  •  a place for emotional, psychological and spiritual exchange
  •  a place to recharge your batteries and soul
  •  a place to share your wisdom and support
  •  a place to channel the Feminine Energy
  •  a place to share your love and feel other women's love
  •  a space to be in your heart


Please take a cushion and a blanket with you if you are likely to get cold and uncomfortable sitting on the floor.

Please also note that the circle is a mobile free zone, therefore I would appreciate it if you either leave your phone at home or, if you take it with you, you will keep it switched off during the circle!

Some food will be shared at the end of this gathering, I hope you will contribute to it and will share it with us!


This circle started in July 2014.

Gatherings in 2014: 6 circles

Gatherings in 2015: 12 circles
Gatherings in 2016:13 circles
Gatherings in 2017: 13 circles
Dates of gatherings in 2018:
17 January
15 February
19 March
16 April
15 May
13 June
12 July
13 August
10 September
9 October
7 November
6 December
Please note that dates may change due to unforeseeable professional and personal commitments.
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To send your contribution to Gabriella as a sign of gratitude, help her with the circle costs and make a donation in advance, click here

Gabriella's Women Circle of Wisdom is now listed on The Red Tent Directory among the UK red tents.

To read the newsletter of the Red Tent Directory welcoming my Women Circle
of Wisdom click here and the newsletter where my blog about my experience of
starting and holding a red tent was shared click here.
    Now you can find us also on the Global Sisterhood  website, click on the logo
    on the left, scroll down, go to the map and zoom into the Chiltern area
    North West of London! 
This video trailer for the documentary 'Things We Don't Talk About: Women's Stories from the Red Tent' by Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost might inspire you, if you have never been to a Red Tent, watch it!