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                                'Antarctic Odyssey A New Beginning

                                                             'An inspiring story of a woman reborn'
This is the story of my journey to the end of the world with a group of people who went to Antarctica in  March 2008 to face fears and limiting beliefs.
 I went to Antarctica to test myself and put into action first hand in a dramatic way what I learnt in my personal life journey and then pass it on to others.
In this book I describe my inner journey while I was down under with
penguins, seals and the ice.
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You can watch videos of my pre-trip on my Antarctica page so my story will become more alive.
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You can listen to my 5' speech at Global Net 21 in London by clicking here

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Why to read this book?

Great book launch of 'Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning' on 14th October 2014 in Rome at
If you want to download the audio in Italian, click here
Watch my videos and have a taste of what happened to me when I went to Antarctica in March 2008 ...
Enjoy it!


Contact me through my 'Contact me' page and I will send you an extract of my book:
'Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning'
My presentation of 'Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning' at Lift Effects event 'The Next Level'
in September 2014
   To read what travel journalist and photographer Navjot Singh wrote about
    'Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning' in his blog in April 2013 click here 
'Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning' is also featured on
and if you speak Italian you can read the review on the online magazine Visum            
My contribution to other books
In 2012 I contributed to Jo Macdonald book:
 'Note to self: the Secret to becoming your own Best Friend'
where I share a note to my present self written by a future Gabriella.
In 2016 I contributed to the book:
 'Reboot Your Life' edited by Jacqueline Rose with a chapter titled: 'The Phoenix rises from the ice in Antarctica'
 in which I tell my story of moving to London for the love of a man and later why I travel to Antarctica to rediscover myself.
The book includes several authors among whom there is also Dr. John Demartini, one of my favourite trainers and
inspirers of all times, well worth a read!

To have a browse click the Amazon link here                                                                                                                                                                                                
In 2017 I wrote a chapter in the anthology put together by Susie Mackie titled 'Women of Spirit  Ordinary Women. Extraordinary Lives.' to share my personal journey which took me from an emotionally abusive relationship to go and explore Antarctica in a life changing journey of self-discovery!