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My philosophy
My philosophy      
My intent in life is to find out the truth, even if it might be uncomfortable and speak it, I believe that truth will always set you free!
The important thing is to consider that everyone has one's own truth and has to be respected as such, so my truth might not be yours.
I am an adventurer and as such I only comply to the universal rules of self-realization.
Because if I don't find out who I am and what motivates me, how can I be truthful to myself and others?
How can I be of service to anybody if I am not aware of who I am and where I am going?
What we normally perceive as a problem is only a lack of self-realization and awareness, the root of all diseases is ignorance which is a lack of self-knowledge.




Circular versus linear conception
Fear is the result of thinking of missing/losing something, this happens if you base your life in a linear way, one thing happens after another one and won't happen again, so once it is gone, it is gone for ever!
A circular coception of life instead sees things happening over and over again in cycles, hence there is no fear of missing out as everything comes back and is not gone forever once it has happened.
A circular conception of life also entails that every happening, which is like a dot on a circle, is equally distant from the centre like any other dot.
This implies that every fact/dot on the circle is as important as anyone else.
The circle is the result of all the facts/dots, not just few of them.
Every fact/dot on the circle contributes to create the circle; the circle of life couldn't be a circle with just few facts/dots, it would be a very wobbly wheel that couldn't possibly roll smoothly.
In other words we are a multi-dimensional being that is the result of different dimensions and experiences.
In practical terms this means that every aspect of our life is as important as all the others and everyone of them contains all the others.
This is a holistic way of conceiving life.
I believe women can naturally feel this and are more aware because they have an inbuilt system which is circular. They experience the menstrual cycle every month which drives them consistently for at least three decades of their life. They are designed by Nature to function in a circular way!
               Life is finding the perfect balance