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Fly with the feminine

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Gabriella in the press and different websites 
Magazines and papers
  Daily Mail, May 2008                              Soul & Spirit, May 2011                  Wired magazine, 2011
  'Can you survive the 7th year itch?'        'Period Power'                                'Does Money matter?'
  Natural Health, October 2011             Soul & Spirit, October 2011           Inspirational Woman Magazine,
  'Go with the Flow'                                  'Clear out the clutter!'                     January 2012
                                                                                                                    'Bliss and your   menstrual cycle'
   Migrant Woman, October 2014      She Who Knows Autumn 2016
   'A Woman of The XXI Century'         Being childless
 July 2012:
OM Times Magazine 2013:
 OM Times Magazine 2013:
 'Antarctica: a world apart'          
 July 2013:   
September 2014:
'My brand new start'
Websites articles
 Interview in 2007 with the Divorce Coach before going to Antarctica
 May 2012:
July 2014:
 Interview with Ann Quasnan for 'Woman Talk Live' in May 2013 about my work
October 2013:
 February 2014: 
                                                          'Womb awareness for women of the XXI century' 
                                                   July 2016:
                                                                  'Girls just want to have fun?'
I shared my story in July 2014 on Women For One website:   
         September 2014:
           'Womb awareness for women of the XXI century'
         October 2014:
          November 2014:
          'Is having fun optional?'
                                                     December 2014:
                                                      'Christmas: pleasure or pain?' 
                                                                  April 2015:
                                                       'Pre Menstrual Stress: Curse or Cure'
   September 2014:
    December 2014: 
                                                         'An inspiring story of a woman in Antarctica: How to go beyond your limits'
                                                                                        March 2015:
                                                                         'Deep reflections of a daughter on Mother's Day'
                                                                          August 2015:
                                                                         'What Is The Number One Secret Nobody Talks About To
                                                                           Help Women To Succeed in Business?'




                                                Things we don't talk about, Women's stories from the Red Tent
                                                                      April 2015: 'My feminine winter' (A Menstrual Story)

Mind Body Spirit Magazine

                                                                                          July 2015:'Self-Love and Our Cycle'
                                                                           August 2015: 'Pre Menstrual Syndrome: Curse or Cure?'
     September 2015: 'Antarctica: a World apart'
                                                                                    'Are you connecting with your womb wisdom?'
                                                                                    'How to be reborn in the freezer of the Earth'
            September 2015:
                                                                                           'Finding my worth in the freezer of the Earth'
     October 2015:
                                                                                             'Are you connecting with your womb wisdom?'
                                                                                                                  November 2015:
                                                               'My brand new start. How to be reborn in the freezer of the Earth'
    February 2016:
      April 2016:
      May 2016:

           June 2016:
                                                                        'The feminine winter: a chance to heal yourself!'
                                                                         July 2016:
                                                             'Girls just want to have fun?'
                                                             November 2016:
                                                             'Finding my inner child in Antarctica'
         July 2016: 
            August 2016:
            September 2016:
                                                             October 2016:
                                                   'How to Help Your Female Staff and Make Your Business Flourish'
                                                              November 2016:
                                                   'Antarctica: a World Apart'
                                                              December 2016:
                                                    'Christmas, Pleasure or Pain?'
                                                    February 2017:
                                                    'May your food be your medicine'
                                                    March 2017:
                                                    'Deep Reflections of a Daughter on Mother's Day'
                                                               April 2017:
                                                    'Pre Menstrual Stress: Curse or cure?' 
                                                    May 2017:
                                                    'Is Having Fun Optional?'
                                                    June 2017:
                                                    'My Love Affair with the Sky and my Heart'
                                                    July 2017:
                                                    'My Feminine Winter {a Menstrual Story}
                                                    August 2017:
                                                    'Childless Am I a Failure?'
                                                    September 2017:
                                                    'Wilderness and Me'
                                                    October 2017:
                                                    'A Women Circle of Wisdom'
                                                    November 2017:
                                                    'My Perimenopausal Years: Uncharted Territory'
                                                               December 2017:
                                                    'Autumn is a Feminine Season'
                                                    January 2018:
                                                    'Why January is Not the Right Time to Review Your Year and Set Your
  March 2017:
    August 2017:
   October 2017:
Websites videos
            Blue Labels Boutique:
                                                                                      Fearless Woman Episode 10
Blogs about my work
       Deborah Walker in September 2015 reviews
                                                                                      'Antarctic Odyssey a New Beginning'
   Leslie Carol Botha in Holy Hormones Journal, July 2015:
                                                                              'The Premenstrual Phase w/o the Diagnosis'
   Emmy Fisher of The Happiness Collective:
                                                                                       'Period Power! The Feminine Consciousness'
                                                                'Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw sets the sail for 2015'