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A woman of the XXI century


Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel's life experiences to inspire women to become empowered and free.


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Ends and beginnings  28th December 2017


Every year I experience a little death during the festive season of December. Either I am at home in UK or anywhere else in the world, I tend to feel similar feelings and have similar thoughts. 

I would personally rather avoid them, if I could choose, but it seems that either the weather, the general vibe or the power of my past experiences seem to have the better on me and I plunge in this powerless state that I find difficult to deal with.

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Is it all over?  29th October 2017


We are in Autumn at present and I have been noticing myself going into this autumnal withdrawing feminine energy more and more lately. Recently several thoughts came to the forefront of my awareness that kept me pondering about life and life cycles.

First of all one of the symbolic traits of Autumn are falling leaves and the multi colour show that Nature gives us as a result of that.

Shedding dead leaves

I know that 'shedding my leaves' is a very good thing to do especially in this season, but it comes to a price like everything in life: it is a liberating process and it can be painful too. 

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Topsyturvy living  28th September 2017


This year for me has been very topsyturvy. What I mean with this is that I have been living in a dimension where everything is amplified, my emotional and psychological life has become very unstable, possibly as unstable as I was in my teen age years.

My friends 'the hormones' are throwing me back in the past and bringing up all those aspects that so happily I thought I had left behind in my puberty.  Well, I thought I managed to get rid of those painful aspects of my emotional and psychological life to never look at them again, but Nature thought differently ...

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My women circle experience  27th July 2017


It's already three years!

The time has really flown by, I have to say, since I started holding my 'Women Circle of Wisdom' on 24th July 2014!

It has gone so fast that I only realised after I held the circle this week that this month coincided with my third anniversary and that it was happening even on the same day ...

Three years ago I woke up one morning in July and I heard this subtle voice telling me to start a circle, little I knew back then how this would have changed me as a woman and as a person.

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Entering my joyful queendom 28th June 2017


The rule of fear

I have been living following my intuition the best I could all my life, trying to discover myself and the mysteries of this existence.

My curiosity and thirst for the truth pushed me in places and activities that I never planned to venture into consciously, so much so that at a certain point I became aware that there was a hidden part of me pointing me towards certain people and pushing me into experiences that would challenge me or put me in situations where I could grow.

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My perimenopausal years: uncharted territory  26th May 2017


Lately I have been living in uncharted territory. My female cycle has been really unpredictable and so are my emotions and thoughts. My 'inner seasons' are not what they used to be any more and I have been experiencing utter uncertainty and unpredictability. I am writing about this because not many women talk about it and I think that we all need to know and write more about this peculiar time of our life so that other sisters might feel better discovering that they are not alone.

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The bliss of menstruation 14th April 2017


The adventure of perimenopause

My life has changed a lot in the last couple of years thanks to my changing female cycle.

I have been observing changes in my cycle mainly in the last five years, but recently I am on a roller coaster ride, I have to say.

This transforming time is officially called perimenopause and carries as many different aspects as there are women on the Planet. I consider it as a natural initiation customised for the woman who is experiencing it, therefore what I am going to share here is totally and solely relevant to me.

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Joy is my reality  27th February 2017


Going back to my 'media fasting'

After the events of last month, I am referring mainly to the start of the US President's administration on 20th January and the Women's Marches around the world to protest against a misogynist head of state who is not afraid to make his views about women public, I decided to start again my 'media fasting'.

After I took part in the Women's March in London whole heartedly on 21st January, I realised that it was time for me to return to my peaceful and 'news free' world. Why?

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Women marching for humanity  26th January 2017


Finding my tribe

Last week I came across a post about the Women's March while I was on Facebook and remembered reading back in November about marches being organised all over the world by women to protest again the new US President and his misogyny.  I remember making a note of the date as I thought that it would be something in which I would like to take part.

Then life took over, as it is often the case, and I forgot all about it.

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The power of service  11th January 2017

Coming to a decision ...

In the month of November I decided to go on another ten day Vipassana course before the end of the year.

My First experience of Vipassana happened last year in March after 30 years of knowing about it, but never deciding to go on one, maybe I wasn't ready for it ...

It was a very strong experience to say the least and changed me more than I thought, it is probably still changing me right now without me being aware of it.

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The gifts of the US election 28th November 2016


The sudden turning of reality

The beginning of this month was pretty intense for me on an emotional level. I am certain that I am not the only one to have wondered about the US election and its influence on all of us collectively. When we come across some news like the outbreak of a war or some report about the infringement of human rights, we tend to take notice, maybe express an opinion about them, if we are conscious and caring people.

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The beauty and freedom of ageing   26th October 2016


Self-imposed stress

Last month I went through a period of emotional stress because I wanted to give myself the gift of celebrating my 50th birthday in an appropriate way. What is appropriate? Well for me it means travelling to a new place where I can enjoy warm weather, swim in the sea, relax, see new things and reset my mind as new.

This Summer I felt particularly tired and in need of a reset, so I have been thinking endlessly how to make my dream come true for my birthday.

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Am I a doer or an observer?   21st September 2016


Summer: a time to visit my parents

In August this year I took my elderly parents on holiday to the seaside for two weeks to give them some respite from the city of Turin where they live all year round. I did this experiment last year for ten days and it worked fine, so this year I decided to be bold and go for two weeks. I knew what I was putting myself into and was aware that it wouldn't be a holiday for me, just the opposite, but my desire to spend some quality time with my parents was bigger than the concern that it would be a very demanding task.

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Childless, am I a failure?   26th July 2016


Summer: the symbol of motherhood

Since we are in Summer I thought to talk about a subject that for women can be very sensitive and painful.

Summer corresponds to the ovulatory phase in a woman's cycle which is when a woman can conceive, therefore I am going to share my insights about being a mother or being childless.

Since an early age I thought that one day I would get married and have children; to be precise I wanted two and adopt a third one.

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Wilderness and me   30th June 2016
I was a city dweller for a long time ...
I was born half a century ago in Turin, a big city in the North of Italy where I lived continuously till I was 32, except for holidays.
After working in the Maldives for three months, I moved to London, as I met a Brit while I was working in 'paradise'.
I lived for 11 and a half years in London after which my soul had the best of me and I had to surrender and move into the countryside. Since December 2009 I have been living in Berkhamsted, a tiny town in Hertfordshire, and I love it.
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A Women Circle of Wisdom   29th May 2016

It feels like a long time since that morning in July 2014 when I woke up and heard my inner voice saying 'Start a women circle!"
Immediately I thought "Who is this?" and soon after I realised that I had heard that voice before and I kind of knew it ...
My second thought was "Oh no, not another thing to organise and market!", I felt anxious and despondent as I knew that I couldn't discuss anything with my inner voice.
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Your experience is valuable and not opinable   28th April 2016


Sometimes in life lessons come in the most unexpected way ... 

It was a nice sunny Sunday in April and my partner and I decided to have a short break on the Isle of Wight, as it is quite close from where we live and it is in a sensible flying distance for a small motor glider.

I love the sea, always did and possibly always will do, as I feel totally relaxed and present in the moment whenever I am by the sea.

We decided to go to our favourite place, as there is an airfield only ten minutes' walk from a lovely and secluded place called Whitecliff Bay near Bembridge.

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Vipassana: a way of living and dying   27th March 2016


This month I gave myself the gift of attending a Vipassana meditation retreat for ten days in Herefordshire at Dhamma Dipa.

I had heard about Vipassana for the best part of thirty years and every time it crossed my path I noticed it, but I never did anything about it.  So it happens in life sometimes ...

Last December I read an email of a friend mentioning her going on a Vipassana retreat over the Christmas period and felt compelled this time to do a bit of research...

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Is St Valentine's day triggering self-love or self-hate?   11th February 2016


We are in February, the month of love 'par excellence' and of course a very big commercial opportunity.

I remember when I was a teenager and then later on a young woman how I felt when St Valentine's would approach.  All my uncertainty, self-doubt and body concerns would come up, either I had a boyfriend or I didn't.  If I was in a relationship I would wonder if I would get a present, a card, flowers or anything else.  If I was single I was fantasizing who would be interested in me or whom I would fancy ...

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Why January is not the right time to review your year and set your goals    28th January 2016


We are in the month of goal setting frenzy and year review and everybody seems to be so willing to change everything in their lives ...

I wonder though, is it the right time to do this?

This is what the outer landscape can look like in January!

I am a woman and I have been practicing menstrual awareness for over six years in a conscious way. Before I was tracking my cycle out of my own intuition, therefore I was unconsciously cycle aware.

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Autumn is a feminine season   6th November 2015     


Autumn has wonderful colours and a very soothing energy that is very conducive for women to reconnect with their body and feminine essence.

In autumn, when Nature starts slowing down, the temperature gets cooler and the daylight starts reducing, we tend to slow down our social activities and spend more time at home.

This is not obviously a rule and many of us have full on working rhythms, but deep in our heart and body we tend to feel a desire to follow Nature and reduce our speed.

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Pre Menstrual Syndrome: curse or cure?  30th March 2015



As I am a Feminine Cycle Consultant and help women understand, appreciate and track their feminine cycle to improve the quality of their lives, I thought it was time for me to speak about this much debated topic that affects so many women in our society: the Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS).

What is PMS?
In my research I came across the National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome (NAPS) and was shocked by reading some statements on their website:
'PMS can occur in any woman during child bearing years. It is estimated that as many as 30% of women can experience moderate to severe PMS, with 5-8% suffering severe PMS/PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder), this being around 800,000 in the UK.'

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The power of self-love and our cycles  17th February 2015 


On a nice winter day ...
It was a wonderful winter day and the sun was shining so I decided to go out and give myself the pleasure to commune with nature for an hour or so.
I decided to go and see my giant friends in the wood. They are some century old beeches that form a part of the wood where I normally go walking and relaxing during my week days.

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Why I love winter  16th January 2015    

It is cold, windy, damp, freezing, snowy, muddy, humid, uncomfortable, challenging, solitary, disheartening, raw, harsh, tough, misty and …
The list can go on and on …
This is what I feel in winter and I wish I were an animal and could hibernate till spring, but I am a woman and can't hibernate, strictly speaking.
You might wonder then why I like it …
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Girls just want to have fun!  23rd December 2014                  

'Are you having fun in your life?
As Cindy Lauper said in her song 'Girls just want to have fun', it is true for you?
I mean real fun, the type of fun that feeds your heart with laughter and joy, not just entertainment!
There is a huge difference between the two: the former is an activity that recharges your batteries and feeds your soul, whereas the latter helps you to kill time and boredom. A substantial difference, I would say ...'
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The Winter Solstice and its Magic   18th December 2014
'Here we are in December again and approaching the festivities with all the potential to overdo the food, drinks, family gatherings, parties, presents, cards, etc. etc.
How will it be for you?
A pleasurable experience or a daunting one?
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Christmas?
How does your body feel about it?
I hope you might ponder my questions for at least few moments and see what are your answers …'
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A new world and way of living  24th June 2014   

'My reflections started because I have been asked recently few times to vote for some women who had been put through for awards. It is not the first time that I have been asked to vote for people who I know or not.I remember when this happened few years ago, I wondered what I would do, if I were in such a position myself … I also couldn't understand why, if somebody has been nominated for an award, should go and ask around to be voted, even by people who don't know the person!'

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My feminine winter  28th May 2014        

'Last week I was waiting for my feminine cycle to start and I was doing my best to enjoy the end of my feminine autumn; at the same time I was really looking forward to experiencing my feminine winter.

My winter inner season is the moment when I enjoy the most the connection with my soul and can experience delightful moments of inner peace and bliss...'

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A lesson from a seal  21st May 2014   


'On the just by gone May bank holiday weekend I flew to the Isle of Wight with my partner to have a day out at the seaside.

Since I can remember I always wanted to live by the sea and always felt this longing to be as close to the sea as possible or at least to a river wherever I go ...'

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Deep reflections of a daughter on Mother's Day  31st March 2014    


'Another 'Mother's Day' has just gone by and I find myself in deep reflection pondering about being a mother and its ultimate meaning...

I am a mature woman who is a Feminine Cycle Consultant and a Women's Coach, therefore the subject of motherhood is dear to my heart.
I am not a mother myself, only an auntie for the time being, so mainly my reflections are about how I appreciated my mother in my younger years and what I can do to be a good 'mother' to myself.'
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